Moose meat, non-perishables stolen during robbery at Assumption Food Bank

Published on February 15, 2017


People relying on the food bank at Assumption Church in Stephenville Crossing were getting a meal of moose meat on a regular basis, but that’s no longer possible.

Someone broke into the church property on Monday night and stole not only the vast majority of moose meat that was in the freezer, but a fair number of tinned goods and orange juice packs.

“It’s terrible. The theft of the meat takes us back for nearly the whole year, as normally we would be giving it out up until Easter,” Jim Mercer of the Assumption Food Bank said.

Const. Ken LaSaga of the Bay St. George RCMP confirmed the police had received a report on Tuesday morning of the theft that took place something after dark the previous evening.

Mercer said whoever stole the food also caused lots of damage, beating in a door that had to be replaced and prying a lock to gain entry to where the food was kept. He said there was also an attempt to get into the main office at the premises, and he assumed that was to try to steal money.

He hopes anyone with information about the crime contacts the Bay St. George RCMP at 643-2118.

Mercer said it’s hurtful when people steal food from a place that is serving those in need.