Former lawyer’s suspension won’t keep him from pursuing Qalipu denial justice

Published on March 18, 2017


The former lawyer says his past won't stop him from pursing a class-action lawsuit against the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band.

Douglas Doucette was suspended from his previous profession 15 years ago.

In an interview this week, Douglas Doucette referred to himself as a retired lawyer.

He said he would be seeking to be accepted as the representative plaintiff in the class-action lawsuit and would represent himself in arguing the case. He added that anybody who has been denied membership in the Qalipu band could become part of the legal action.


'Retired lawyer Doug Doucette willing to take on lawsuit over Qalipu enrolment process'

That raised the ire of some people involved in the ongoing social media discussions regarding the enrolment process, some of whom brought up Doucette’s history as a lawyer.

According to information published on the Law Society of Alberta website, Doucette was issued three notices of suspension from practicing law between October 2001 and February 2002.

In the latest of those notices, the society found Doucette to have been in violation of 16 citations for conduct deserving of sanction between 1997 and 2000 and he had his practice suspended for two years.

The matters involved Doucette wrongfully converting trust funds by inflating and falsifying his account for services, charging excessively by insisting on performing work that could easily have been done by the client and that the client was prepared to do.

Doucette was asked about his past history as a lawyer and if he was concerned about it having a negative effect on anyone considering being a part of the class-action lawsuit he intends to file against the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band, the Federation of Newfoundland Indians and the federal government.

In an emailed reply, Doucette said was never disbarred from practising and that his two-year suspension does not negate the nearly 20 years of experience he still has as a lawyer.

He said those who support him are well aware of his background and it will not cause him to deviate from helping those who have been denied membership in the Qalipu band.

Doucette had previously said he will not be accepting any payment for working on the class-action lawsuit.

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Guilty of ...

- Douglas Doucette was found guilty of breaching undertakings to two different lawyers on real estate transactions and, in the case of one of those lawyers, failing to be candid as to whether or not a Real Property Report had been submitted to the City of Calgary.

- Doucette was found guilty of not responding in a timely manner to communications from two lawyers, and failing to respond to the Law Society of Alberta in a timely manner to communications that contemplated a reply.

- He was found guilty of breaching the accounting rules of the Law Society of Alberta and failing to provide its audit department with requested information.