Subway owner squashes plan to open West Street location in Corner Brook

Published on April 17, 2017

Corner Brook businessman Jamie Pelley purchased the old KFC building on West Street with eyes on turning it into a Subway. Plans changed, however, and he is weighing his options.

©Dave Kearsey/Western Star

Jamie Pelley has been in business long enough to know good retail locations are hard to find in Corner Brook, so he changed his mind about opening a Subway store on West Street.

Pelley, the owner of Subway in Corner Brook, had visions of opening a Subway in the former KFC building on West Street that he purchased after that franchise moved down the street.

He knew the Subway chain had plans for some major upgrades when it comes to layout, so he bought the KFC building with hopes of opening a new location.

Instead of doing a major renovation to the tiny Subway store on Broadway, a location that has been doing quite well, he figured the best option was to relocate the Broadway store to West Street.

However, he eventually decided he would prefer a drive-thru Subway in the city, and when he realized the KFC property wasn’t the right fit for it he changed his mind.

Everything is up in the air as to what transactions will be made down the road regarding the old KFC property, but Pelley pointed out he is in negotiations with a person who is interested in leasing the building to create a micro-brewery, and he is also in talks with another business owner about selling the property.

Pelley closed the doors to his Menchies store on Union Street on March 26. He wouldn’t get into details about why he closed the store, but he did say he was the owner of the building and has other plans for the property.