Jordan Bennett combines art and technology

Published on June 18, 2017

Mi’kmaq artist Jordan Bennett poses for a picture beside one of the pieces in his Wije’wi (Come With Me) exhibit, which opens at the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery in Corner Brook today.

©Diane Crocker/The Western Star

As an artist Jordan Bennett has used many mediums to complete his work and with his latest exhibition, Wije’wi (Come With Me), he’s been throwing a bit of technology into the process.

Bennett is a feature artist with Hewlett Packard (HP) Canada and as he set up his exhibit at the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery early this week he used the company’s HP Spectre x360, notebook convertible tablet.
Leilah Ambrose, creative director with Edelman, HP Canada’s creative agency, is part of a team that’s been following that process.
She said the Spectre x360 is part of a “creator class” that can be used in a number of ways, including like a piece of paper and a pen with a stylus.
In connecting with Bennett she said “we just landed in a perfect opportunity,” as the company looks for
innovative, fresh artistic talent in Canada. The idea is to give them the technology and see how they use it and see how they adapt it to their needs.
He used the tablet to mount a mural piece and was able to sketch his idea to determine a colour palette on the wall.
“It’s interesting to see how each maker adapts it to their particular needs,” said Ambrose.
All the while Bennett is creating the crew from Edelman is filming the process with Bennett adding commentary on his concept and focus.
To tie areas from which Bennett draws inspiration, the crew is filming some of those areas. The roughly two-minute video they’ll produce will include footage from Gros Morne, Bottle Cove and Bennett’s home of Stephenville Crossing.
The video will shared on HP Canada’s Facebook page.
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