As summer moves along so does Stephenville street projects

Published on July 16, 2017

Excavators are seen working on St. Clare Avenue as reconstruction of a section of that road continues.

©Frank Gale/The Western Star

Construction is on budget and pretty well on time.

That’s what Mayor Tom O’Brien said recently about the two reconstruction projects taking place in Stephenville.
One involves the complete reconstruction of Grove Street and the other a section of St. Clare Avenue, along with some dead-end streets off both.
O’Brien said he realizes it’s an inconvenience for people living in the area of the work and that the town appreciates their patience while this work is being carried out.
He said it’s hoped that there won’t be too many setbacks as the work continues and that it will be completed before it runs too late in the fall.
The reconstruction involved all new underground services, along with curb and gutter and pavement on Grove Street and sidewalks on the northern side of where the construction is taking place on St. Clare Avenue.
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