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Bay St. George town councils up and running

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A number of the new town councils in the Bay St. George area have had their inaugural meeting, where mayors and deputy mayors have been delegated.

In Port au Port West-Aguathuna-Felix Cove, where they had an acclaimed council of five, Chalsie Kook-Marche was acclaimed mayor and Shirley Squires, deputy mayor at a Sept. 20 meeting.

In Cape St. George, where they also had an acclaimed council, Peter Fenwick was acclaimed mayor and Patrick Costard, deputy mayor of the seven-member council during a Sept. 27 meeting.

In Stephenville at a Sept. 28 meeting, Susan Fowlow was acclaimed deputy mayor, joining elected Mayor Tom Rose.

In Port au Port East, at a Monday evening meeting, James Cashin was acclaimed mayor and Eileen Hann, deputy mayor.

Joining elected Mayor Debbie Brake Patten for the second highest post on council in Kippens was Leon Benoit, who was acclaimed deputy mayor on Monday evening.

In St. George’s, Danny Conway was re-elected as mayor and Tanya Messervey as deputy mayor at a Monday evening meeting.

The town council of Stephenville Crossing is having its first meeting tonight, while Lourdes is having its first on Thursday evening, where respective council members will be sworn in and mayors and deputy mayors decided.

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