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Corner Brook man guilty of causing a disturbance in parking spat with neighbours


A Corner Brook judge ruled a man created a public disturbance when he repeatedly shouted and swore at two of his neighbours and the police during an incident that went on for about two hours last May.

In convicting Trevor Fred McLeod of causing a disturbance in provincial court here on Thursday, Judge Kymil Howe said the evidence heard at his trial in April show he intended whatever activity happened on May 19, 2016.
McLeod owns a piece of property on Farmdale Road and shares a two-vehicle driveway with June and Melvin Davis.
On the day in question he had parked his car in such a way that prevented June Davis from getting into the driver’s side of her car.
When she asked him to move it, he stuck up his middle finger and told her several times to “go f***” herself.
She felt afraid and called her husband. When Melvin Davis came home he received the same response from McLeod.
Not wanting any further confrontation he called the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and remained in his vehicle.
When the police arrived, McLeod was belligerent with them too, telling officers “f*** off” and called one of them a “dildo.”


'Parking spat lands Corner Brook neighbours in courtroom'

A woman visiting her daughter at another property saw the incident and testified she was surprised at how much someone could say and not get arrested.
Howe said McLeod’s actions interfered with other’s use of premises. The Davises who found it necessary to stay in their car out of fear and the woman who said the barbecue they had planned at her daughter’s did not go ahead because there was “too much on the go.”
Facts and sentencing on the causing a disturbance charge and a breach of a court order will take place on June 5. The Crown will be seeking victim impact statements.
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