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Coun. Tony Buckle pays fine for violating Corner Brook bylaw with election benches

Coun. Tony Buckle
Coun. Tony Buckle

Coun. Tony Buckle doesn’t want to talk much more about the campaign benches that have aimed criticism his way.

Buckle placed four wooden benches he had been using to promote his city council election campaign on a West Street sidewalk on election day.

The move was in violation of regulations outlined in the document “A Guide for Prospective Mayor and City Council Candidates” provided to everyone running in the municipal election held Sept. 26.

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City of Corner Brook issues Coun. Tony Buckle violation notice for placement of campaign benches

Buckle had been told earlier in the campaign that the placement of some of his benches on public property was a violation and was told to move them, which he did. His decision to relocate four of the benches, complete with his images and banners expressing thanks, on election day was the subject of a subsequent investigation by the City of Corner Brook.

On Tuesday, the city issued a statement indicating Buckle had been issued a municipal regulation violation notice.

“I don’t really want to make any comment,” Buckle said Wednesday. “I was just trying to say thank you to the people of Corner Brook.”

Buckle said he paid the fine that came with the violation notice, but would not disclose how much the fine was.

According to the City of Corner Brook Violation Notice Regulations under the
City of Corner Brook Act and the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000, the fine would range between $50 and $75.

Buckle had 20 benches altogether. He said he has sold them and has donated the proceeds to three charities: the ALS Society, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay or Life and the Western Memorial Hospital Foundation.

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