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Goulding seeking re-election in Pasadena

Pasadena Mayor Otto Goulding
Pasadena Mayor Otto Goulding

Otto Goulding wants to continue to make a difference in Pasadena.

Goulding announced Thursday that he will be running for re-election as mayor in this September’s municipal election.
Goulding was elected mayor four years ago and said in a press release that his goal then was to make a difference in the town by improving its social and economic condition.
“With the help of my fellow councillors, Pasadena has improved its recreational facilities, roads, water and sewer system, and enhanced beautification,” he said.
And, he said the work is paying off as the town saw an eight per cent increase in its population in the last census.
Goulding said on Sept. 26, he’ll be asking the voters of Pasadena to re-elect him for another four years in order to continue to improve on what has been started.
“To continue to make Pasadena a town that caters to the needs of young families, young professionals and seniors, while keeping an affordable and reasonable tax rate.”

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