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Western NL students to attend SHAD program

Ten high school students from the west coast will be taking part in the SHAD program this July.

SHAD is described in a press release as a unique and award-winning Canadian enrichment program that has helped develop the raw skills and talents of close to 16,000 youth since 1980.
SHAD has helped produce 32 Rhodes Scholars in that time and three SHAD alumni — or fellows — are currently advising Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as part of his Government’s Youth Council.
This year 801 youth from across the country will attend SHAD programs at 13 universities.
Students live in residence for the month of July at SHAD. They attend lectures and workshops from top faculty focused around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math). Experiential learning is also a big part of SHAD.
Students are presented with a theme or social problem every summer, which they learn at the beginning of the program. They have to devise an original product or service that addresses this real world, complex issue. In the process, they are taught how to build a business plan, marketing plan and working prototype and come away with an entrepreneurial mindset.

SHAD participants
Jadyn Normore, Corner Brook Regional High, Ryerson University
Tess English, Corner Brook Regional High, University of British Columbia
Noah Penney, Corner Brook Regional High, University of Saskatchewan
Rhya Bédard-Oravec, Bonne Bay Academy, University of Waterloo
Stephanie Budden, Stephenville High School, University of Calgary
McAuley Bellows, Templeton Academy, Dalhousie University
Jehan Irfan, French Shore Academy, Western University
Myaella Stoddard, E.A. Butler, University of British Columbia
Caroline Bruce-Robertson, Corner Brook Regional High, Carleton University
Daniel Stark, Elwood Regional High, Queen’s University

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