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What is your Halloween costume?

Besides Christmas, summer vacation or their birthdays, Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids — and for some grown-ups, too. For some, it’s easy to decide what character they want to dress up as for Halloween. For others, finding the right costume might be more of a challenge.

Question: What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year and why did you choose that particular costume?


Lily Miles

Age 9

I’m going as Mal from “The Descendants.” I really love the movie and Mal is my favorite character.


Greta Andrews

Age 9

I’m going to be a vampire queen. I chose that costume because I wanted something princess-y and something scary.


Ava Puckering

Age 9

I’ll be a cheerleader zombie because I like gymnastics and cheerleading is pretty close to gymnastics. I’ll just add some zombie makeup.


Acadia Campbell

Age 10

My costume will be a zombie schoolgirl. That really stood out to me. All the other things were good or silly and I wanted something scary.


Tyler Murphy

Age 10

I have a King Kong suit we ordered online. I like King Kong because he is a giant, hairy gorilla and I’ll have a reason to bang on my chest rapidly.


Emily Carey

Age 10

I’m going to be a savage because that’s what everyone in my family calls me. I’m going to look like someone who lives in the wild.

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