Lift bridge collapses in Placentia

Community scrambles to get essential services, repairs in place

Published on August 3, 2014
A portion of the lift bridge in Placentia collapsed on Sunday shortly before noon. — Photo by Sheldon Greene

It will be a longer drive home for those who live on the opposite side of the lift bridge in Placentia.

The much-maligned bridge collapsed shorly before noon on Sunday closing the area to traffic, the RCMP reported.

Reports say one end of the bridge collapsed leaving the opposite side of the lift stuck in the air. The bridge can’t be lowered to allow traffic to pass over it as of The Telehgram’s deadline.

The bridge has been a bone of contention for residents of the community for some time and only recently was a deal struck by then-mayor Bill Hogan and the provincial government to replace the bridge. The replacement is currently under construction.

A detour is in place and emergency services for the area have been set up on both sides of the bridge to deal with any emergencies which could arrise until repairs are completed

Further updates will be provided when available.