Boat docks in Green Island Cove after fright from storm

Submission by Ford Mitchelmore/Special to TC Media

Published on January 11, 2017

The CPMI no2 tied up at the wharf in Green Island Cove.

©Photo by Ford Mitchelmore/Special to TC Media

GREEN ISLAND COVE, NL — It's not often, in January, you see a long liner tied up at the wharf in Green Island Cove.

 Or a search and rescue Cormorant hovering over the community in the dark with floodlights lighting the harbour and assisting a vessel into port.

But that is what happened.

The Crew of The vessel CPMI No2 were very happy to see the lights of Green Island Cove Sunday,  Jan. 8, at around 7 p.m.

The Cormorant flew very low over the wharf as a large crowd gathered, ready and eager to assist the vessel to tie up.

The crew was attempting to steam their vessel from Englee around the tip of the peninsula and up the Strait of Belle Isle to Trout River.

Captain Timmy Brake said, "It was flat calm when they left St. Anthony but the weather quickly turned bad and we tried, twice, to go into Cook’s Harbour but the ice in the harbour was too thick".

They continued westward, and by the time they were just off Green Island near Green Island Cove, it was blowing around 50 knots and the boat was icing up very fast.

With about six inches of ice on the deck and waves almost rolling in over the rails, they made their way to the wharf at Green Island Cove.

Quintin Coates, along with others, were directing the vessel towards the harbour to avoid the shoals and low water areas.

Just as they turned around the head of the wharf, the shaft became disconnected from the blades.

Brake said "Someone or something was looking out for us, for sure."

On Monday, Jan.9,  around noon, the crew was waiting for nice weather to continue on to Trout River.

All the crew seemed none the worst for wear. As Brake pointed to the calm water in the harbour, he said, "It will be just like that when we leaves here".