N.S. legislature hearing on imposed teachers contract proceeds on snowy day

Published on February 16, 2017

HALIFAX — Opposition parties tried unsuccessfully today to extend the time period for teachers to offer their views on legislation that will impose a contract on them.

New Democrat and Tory legislators argued in the law amendments committee that due to safety concerns over snowy roads, some teachers couldn't drive to Halifax to voice their objections to the four-year contract.

However, the Liberal majority on the committee voted down the motion for a time extension, prompting teachers and union leaders in the legislature to express their opposition to Bill 75.

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union says it will hold a one-day, provincewide strike Friday to protest the legislation.

Union president Liette Doucet says she understands parents will be inconvenienced, but adds that the union's 9,300 members are tired of being bullied by the governing Liberals.

Premier Stephen McNeil says the legislation will bring an end to disruptions caused by the teachers' work-to-rule campaign, which began Dec. 5.


The Canadian Press