McIvers council issues water shortage notice

Dave White
Published on August 7, 2014

The summer is clipping right along, the fishing is good and so are other entertainments for folk of all ages found up the harbours, down the shores and out the bays of Newfoundland and Labrador. But, not all is well with all lifestyles matters, to be sure.

The hot July weather, to which most people seem not to have acclimatized or grown accustomed, is giving way to more moderate and pleasant August temperatures. A spot of rain is to be expected, indeed welcomed.

In hometown McIvers, the municipal council is advising of a water shortage this week. Council, expecting a downturn in water levels after a similar dry summer last year, earlier advised residents of the likely decline in water levels as earliy as June. The time has come.

Posted at the community mail service site council is reporting this week that a recent visit to the Feeder Brook dam, which supplies the town’s water, found the containment reservoir is “completly dry.”

The posting said, “the only water that the town is getting is what is in the stone (bottom of the intake pool) and a small amount that is trickling into the end of the reservoir.

“If residents don’t conserve their use of water, the town will be completely dry of water in a very short while.

“The town council would like residents co-operation in this very serious situation” and encourages homeowners and businesses operating in the community to “use only the amount of water that is absolutely necessary.”

Questions and concerns from residents may be directed to Mayor Warren Blanchard at 688-2025.

Festival circuit continues

On the growing Bay of Island festival watch, August continues ripe with family folk festival fun. The summer circuit had Cox’s Cove cranking with local entertainers last weekend. SkonaFest in Frenchman’s Cove goes with recording artists Honeymoon Suite highlighting the fray this coming weekend. It is followed on the August weekend festival calendar with Humber Arm South BayFest mid-month with Hot Rocks, a Rolling Stones tribute band leading a host of regional and local talent.

The newly-active McIvers Recreation Committee continues with is sports events at the local ball field and playgrounds, as well as its popular evening adventure program.

Meanwhile, the Gillams Community Museum on the north shore remains open for people desiring to have a closer look at life in Bay of Islands over the centuries.

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