Christmases past, present, future

Dave White
Published on December 21, 2016

This week we hear tell of 16 cardiac-care emergencies at Western Memorial Regional Hospital in Corner Brook in a single day. Health care remains stressed in this province.

Also, from falls and broken seniors’ bones to children more and less healthy, or not, acute care facilities are supported with a lot of good workers doing what they can in extraordinary circumstance.

Constant, extended, long-term and palliative care for an aging population is a real issue, even as effective homecare delivery remains a struggle at best.

People already hospitalized with various ailments, families at Christmas finding strength in faith, hope and divine charity, even as others are brought to accept the inevitable, add greatly to the need for more compassionate care. We all trust to be looked after, after all.


Missing friends and neighbours

Among others in Bay of Islands, McIvers residents Willie Park and Gladys (nee Lovell) Park, died in the past week.

Looking back, the local fishing scene — a mostly commercial entity— had one of busiest seasons seen in the fall herring harvest in a good while.

Processing plants in Curling, Cox’s Cove and Benoit’s Cove are considered to have enjoyed a banner year despite job-haunting technological creep that continues to displace workers.

Sustainability is the buzzword in resource industries like ocean harvesting, where management of commercial fishing ventures are thought to be striving to not compromise prospects for profitable forward endeavours or the lives of current workers and future generations.

Meanwhile, high-paying jobs like those found at places linked to Bull Arm, Shoal Harbour and Muskrat Falls keep others hopeful of the better futures many believe must necessarily flow from exploitation of our natural resources.

At home and abroad, Christmas shines a spotlight on the love, peace and goodwill yet seen missing from so many lives. Pressing on, we do what we can.

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