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The good news: School’s out for summer

Dave White
Dave White

Newfoundland and Labrador every year beckons come-from-aways and expatriate homefolk likely to like our way of life, again, add to their own plans and even our collective tax bases as more approach and enter retirement.

Mountains, whales, birds, geology and spruce beer, among other historic, pre-historic and modern realities as glasses stand to be sipped and hoisted to a world-class summer of holiday events tagged Bay of Islands.

It seems likely that it could be a lively summer.

The International Appalacian Trail-NL ( is a proponent for the Cabox Apiring GeoPark in western Newfoundland, the region’s proponent leader for Cook 250 Commemorations beginning here this summer and going 10 years around the world with the heralded ocean navigator and renowned explorer, Capt. James Cook.

Though president Paul Wylezol rarely accords anything more than a personally genuine interest in what he does among the reasons why he does it, Paul occasions to tell it like it is.

Not coincidentally, Paul’s linkages offer to lend well to the rash of history, culture and heritage found running through our beautiful Bay of Islands this summer and among players lately piggybacking on it.

Ties with Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia, the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans and the Cook legacy in Newfoundland’s Bay of Islands are bound to have an impact.

Corner Brook and area interests took part this week in a symposium branding exercise focused on a greater Bay of Islands tourism market and the broader economic development potentials.

Weather permitting, the summer should be fine to test the markets and make more direct contacts with interests making ready to roll out a plan from among the varied and sundry ones already afoot.

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