Poll results not surprising; not the end for Tories, NDP

Published on September 4, 2014

The latest poll results are only surprising to the space traveller who fell from the sky following three years searching for another Danny Williams.

Of the decided voters polled by Halifax-based Corporate Research Associates, 26 per cent support the Tories, while the Liberals lead the pack with 58 per cent and New Democrats trail with 15 per cent of support for the decided.

The last CRA poll in June had the PCs at 29 per cent, but even after the major setback of the Frank Coleman premier-designate misadventure was resolved, there was still no rebound in the public’s support for the governing party, suggests the poll.

It’s evident the PC slip is continuing, even nearing the sculpin depths of the New Democratic Party, whose strongest action in the past three years has gone down as one of the greatest implosions in political history of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Liberals, on the other hand, continue to rise in the polls. But why? What policy has come out as the one that has steered potential voters their way? What stand is the party taking on major issues that seems to make the most sense with voters? Has their leader pied-piped people out of the water and into a sea of red? It seems there’s nothing in either of these questions that gives followers that “aha” moment.

Truth is what the Liberals have done is simply stayed out of trouble. They’ve been great at pencil-picking a few issues and otherwise have changed their temperature from fiery red to — wait for it — beige. And it seems to be working.

Leaders Tom Marshall, Dwight Ball and Lorraine Michael all give the voting public the impression they’re nice people — or at least non-offensive. They don’t seem to be driving people away or attracting them en masse.

So what is it? Is it merely political shift? That people assume change is forthcoming so they what to jump on the tide coming in?

Polls don’t win elections. Sitting idly by doesn’t either.

The party that will win a majority of seats in 2015 is the party that will capture the imagination of the public and rally behind a leader people are proud to call their premier.

The election is not a foregone conclusion at this stage, but the race is becoming increasingly difficult for two of the three parties that continue to slip in public opinion.

It’s going to be tough to deal with for one of the three vying for that top seat right now.