Unfortunate circumstance

Published on March 12, 2017


OK, so Gage Cormier got two years less a day in prison for this part in burning down the Flat Bay – St. Teresa Community Centre back in mid-November of 2016.

To some it may seem like a light sentence considering the severity of the crime, to others it may seem appropriate considering the circumstances that were involved.

Judge Lynn E. Cole did congratulate Cormier on his strides to deal with his addictions issues and made it clear that’s what led to a lighter sentence despite the Crown wanting something between three and four years.

Of course, his defense lawyer was looking for something in the area of about a year in prison.

Judge Cole went in the middle and gave him the two years less a day, recognizing that it was a provincial sentence rather than a federal sentence.

Often the federal sentences of two years plus a day or more are set aside for those who need programs that will help them improve their lives.

In this instance Judge Cole recognized that Cormier was already dealing with his addictions that led to the burning of the Flat Bay-St. Teresa Community Centre back on Nov. 16, 2015.

Unfortunately, as in so many circumstances of this nature, an addiction to drugs was involved — but there was no turning back for the young man that was involved.

He had to admit his mistake and take the sentence handed to him and serve the time, along with the other release conditions.

But Cormier is not in isolation as there have been many who have come before him – getting involved in drugs at a young age and continuing it until early adulthood when the crescendo became a climax.

What he did became instant news and his actions resulted in hurting his family. In the end he regretted what he had done and tried his best to make amends.

It’s an unfortunate circumstance and those responsible will never be brought to task, but hopefully in the end Cormier will see the error of his ways and come on side with the Bay St. George Status of Women Council.