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EDITORIAL: Maintaining compassion in face of tragedy

Another snowmobiler has fallen victim to the ever-unpredictable conditions laid out by Mother Nature in western Newfoundland.

No matter how many lose their lives, the impact is always as strong and ever as sad. Accidental deaths can never be easy, and those involving a favourite activity must carry extra weight. There’s no greater contrast than losing your life while enjoying the thrill and personal comfort of a favourite pastime.

On Tuesday, a 79-year-old man from St. Jude’s was reported missing. A little while later a hole was found in the ice on Deer Lake. A little after that, we hear the man was presumed drowned. A search for his body ensued.

It’s not a unique circumstance, unfortunately, and it could have been avoided. We all know that, as does the man’s family. But that’s hard to tell his family right now, given the grieving and sorrow they must feel over this tragic loss.

While it may be hard to not think about how this could have been avoided, we also need to rally behind the community of St. Jude’s and ensure the family of the deceased that this is just another tragic statistic.

The winter is long, and every year, without fail, it brings with it tragedy due to conditions of roads, waterways and trails. We know there will be more devastation ahead — unfortunately — and while it reminds us to be safe and practice diligence in taking care of ourselves and loved ones, we also need to remain compassionate the put our thoughts with the families as they work through the tough times.

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