Health care in Ramea needs a major revamp

Published on January 26, 2012

Dear Editor: On behalf of the Senior Puffins 50+ Club, I would like to express our concerns regarding the health care situation in Ramea, Grey River and Francois.

Being seniors, this issue is of great importance to us and we have great concern that nothing is being done to correct the situation we are facing as residents of Ramea.

Since October of 2011, we have not had a nurse or nurse practitioner in Ramea. Health care in this community has failed to make progress, instead it is regressing. The population between the three communities of Ramea, Grey River and Francois is about 1,100 people, the majority are seniors.

This is 1,100 people who are forced to leave their community for things as simple as a checkup.

Now this may not seem like a big deal to people who live in areas that are not as remote as us, but for us to leave this island can be quite an ordeal at times.

Many seniors are letting their health go to the wayside because it proves to be difficult to travel, especially this time of year.

Right now, the services being offered to us, by a local licensed practical nurse, are little to none. Here in Ramea, we have a first-class clinic, as well as two residents for health care personnel to reside in.

It doesn’t make sense that we have these facilities, yet we have to travel to Burgeo for health care.

We feel that Ramea should be equipped with two nurses and one LPN that can service Ramea, Grey River and Francois. There should be someone on call at all times, as well as someone to meet our needs on a daily basis.

Our communities have many seniors and children whose health should be a priority. The current situation is just not good enough. This is 2012, not 1930.

The health care we had in Ramea back in the early 1900s by far surpasses the health care we have now. Ramea is a lovely place to live and many people worldwide come here to reside.

We have people come from as far away as Germany and the United States. We as seniors have built this town and take pride in the achievements we have accomplished. Unfortunately, health care is not something we can take pride in.

The seniors of this community would like to see our town with better health care, not only for ourselves, but for the future generations to come. We have worked hard all our lives to keep our community prosperous and to leave something for our future generations.

This town is rich in many ways but it leaves me with a heavy heart knowing that our health care is so poor. I would like to see this matter resolved in the near future. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Arthur Marsden, president, Senior Puffins 50+ Club, Ramea