We caught the real Mosey on film

Published on June 17, 2014

Dear Editor: Back in the early 1980s, before we switched to ENG (electronic new gathering using videotape) at CBC Television News in Corner Brook, film cameraman Keith Bonnell and I were driving through downtown Stephenville one day when Keith spotted Mosey Murrin with his wheelbarrow scrounging around on a vacant lot adjacent to the A&W on Main Street.

Keith hauled off the road, parked the van, loaded the camera, and shot a full reel of colour film of Mosey as he followed him around the lot. Mosey carried on with what he was doing without seeming to notice he was being filmed.

Keith returned to the van all excited about capturing Mosey on film. I was too, because growing up in Corner Brook I’d heard many stories about Mosey, usually scary, but wasn’t convinced that he actually existed. Kudos to CNA for making this film, and Mosey, real. I look forward to seeing it myself some time.

As for the film Keith Bonnell shot that day, I can only assume the CBC archived it when it shuttered the TV/Radio station in Corner Brook.

I’m wondering if the CNA production crew had access to the footage Keith shot. If not, it can probably be found in the ‘vaults’ at CBC St. John’s.

Darius B. (Russ) Powell, Howie Centre, N.S.