Time for a shakeup at Marine Atlantic

Published on June 6, 2014

Dear editor: Marine Atlantic pulled another stunt that will certainly adversely affect the people of Newfoundland mostly by cutting back on the number of ferry crossings.

It seems that Marine Atlantic is contemptuous of the good hard-working people of Newfoundland and its Marine Atlantic employees. It has cut its service once again, if you can call it service.

 If one checks the record of Marine Atlantic it is a litany of breakdowns and delays, even to the point last year when the clown of a helmsman drove a boat into a dock. It turns out that he didn't know his right hand from his left, or port from starboard.

Marine Atlantic is copying Canada Post. The theme is “cut service and increase prices” and then wonder where all your customers went, but the bosses still receive a top salary with bonuses.

The province (country!) of Newfoundland does an amazing job promoting the wonders of Newfoundland.

The tourist accommodations are terrific, the people of Newfoundland are among the nicest and friendliest anywhere in the world. The highways and most of the roads are in great shape and the scenery and weather truly spectacular.

The only extremely weak link in the whole system is Marine Atlantic.

The management doesn't have a clue, the communications is pitiful. When they cause a delay they offer precious little help, except a discount voucher for your next trip. Great, what about the cost of a 500-mile drive and staying extra nights in a hotel just because Marine Atlantic cannot keep their ferries in good order and only buy well-used ferries from Europe.

Now is the time for a major shakeup at Marine Atlantic.

No wonder people now fly. Flying is extremely reliable and when delays with Marine Atlantic are factored flying is cheaper.

Time to hire a management team that really knows what they are doing, after all Newfoundland is a nation of mariners and good ones at that.

I am planning to visit Newfoundland again this summer. And yes by ferry.  

I am driving because I want to visit Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

We hope to be on the Argentia run. I'll bring a compass in case the helmsman gets lost.

Lionel Rudd, Sudbury, Ont.