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LETTER: Building should have local name

Dear editor: Shelagh Rogers would be wise if she turned down the honour of having the Woody Point Heritage theatre name after her.

If she were a resident of the community and made more than a week’s contribution to it, I would say she might be deserving of the honour but so far this has not happened.

If the theatre is ever renamed it should be the Charlie Payne Heritage theatre. Charlie put his blood and sweat (and probably a few tears) into that theatre and he does not even reside in Woody Point.

He took it from a crumbling, decrepit old building that was falling down into what it is today. Come From Aways have come in for one week of the year and put a few dollars into it and now want to take its identity away.

If the anonymous donor wants to rename a building in honour of Shelagh Rogers maybe he/she should add a few more zeros to his donation and buy something in her neighbourhood. The price won't be so cheap.

Shelagh has made a major contribution to the Writers at Woody Point festival itself so maybe a more suitable change would to to rename the festival to the Shelagh Rogers Literary Festival.

John Willette, Winter House Brook

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