Corner Brook's Downtown Dash

First-time racer meets his personal goals at annual event

Chris Quigley
Published on July 18, 2014

Peter Bazeley and Lee Churchill lead the pack in the BMO Financial Group Downtown Dash Thursday. Churchill would go on to win the male division of the five- kilometre event with Bazeley finishing second. 

Geraldine Brophy

The biggest difference between running alone and participating in an event like the BMO Downtown Dash is the crowd of people lining the street, watching every step of the way.

That’s what dawned on Corner Brook native Steve Hynes as he competed in his first race of any kind on Thursday — and he saw both the pros and cons.

“It can motivate you to do more or it can freak you out a little bit and cause you to gas out a little quicker,” he said. “Probably a bit of both happened to me.”

Corner Brook’s Lee Churchill emerged as the overall winner of the race with a time of 16:38, edging out last year’s victor Peter Bazely by a mere second.

Alison Coleman of Corner Brook was the top female runner with a time of 22:02, which put her 27th overall.

It was only about a month ago that Hynes, his wife Krista and her sister Lindsay Taylor decided to all compete in their first race together and circled the Downtown Dash on the calendar.

“We said we were going to do it, so that was it,” Hynes said.

There was no real motivation, outside of the fact the three enjoy staying in shape and hitting the gym frequently. They knew people of all age levels did it, so the idea wasn’t particularly intimidating.

“We just thought it was a fun little challenge,” said Hynes. “It was just something to do, more than anything.”

Hynes said the trio, who entered the race as a part of Team Grenfell for the Corporate Challenge, tackled the route a few times beforehand and did a little training on the treadmill to prepare.

He had no designs on crossing the line first in his inaugural running event, but wound up a respectable 48th place overall, finishing with a time of 24:08. He said his goal heading into it was to finish among the top 70.

Krista and Lindsay just wanted to break the 30-minute barrier. Krista finished with a time of 29:47 (137th overall), while Lindsay clocked in at 29:51 (139th).

“Between the three of us, we’re pretty happy,” said Hynes. A local senior baseball player who also dabbles in basketball and hockey, the athletic 29-year-old still found himself hitting the proverbial wall a little throughout his run.

“Oh, I stopped a few times,” he said with a laugh. “I definitely couldn’t run the full 25 minutes straight ... the muscles are hurting a little bit for sure.”

Thursday evening’s weather, best described as a fine mist, actually helped make the trek a little easier for him, especially with the humidity that has lingered in the air recently.

“It definitely cools you off a little bit,” said Hynes. “It was cooler than we thought it was going to be, which was really good.”

His primary focus for the rest of the summer is to win the senior A provincial baseball title with the Corner Brook Barons, so he’s not sure about any more races this year.

Next year’s Downtown Dash, however, is a definite — not just for him, but also his 20-month-old daughter Macy.

“I’ll get my daughter into the half-kilometre run next year, hopefully,” he said.


Results from Thursday’s five-kilometre Downtown Dash:

Lee Churchill   Corner Brook  16:38

Peter Bazeley  Corner Brook  16:39

Jon Allan         Corner Brook  17:37

Aubrey Sanders           Corner Brook  17:53

Bill Wells        Corner Brook  18:03

Steve May       Corner Brook  18:19

G. Summers-Lubar     Corner Brook  18:37

Trent Burden   Steady Brook  19:01

Carl Barrett      Corner Brook  19:12

Cyril Walsh     Corner Brook  19:48

Derek Anderson          Corner Brook  19:49

Colin Fowlow  Corner Brook  9:55

Tom Knight    Corner Brook  20:04

Adam Sparkes Corner Brook  20:08

Colin Walsh    Corner Brook  20:20

Wayne Allen   Corner Brook  20:21

Bruce Rodrigues         Corner Brook  20:22

Zachary Hiscock         Corner Brook  20:28

Birender Wadhwa       Corner Brook  20:35

Darren Kaulback         Corner Brook  20:35

Michael Burt   St. John’s        21:05

Hubert Rose    Massey Drive  21:13

Will Keating   Corner Brook  21:15

Rob Ryan        Corner Brook  21:24

Andrew Grimes           Deer Lake        21:53

Matt Noseworthy        Corner Brook  21:59

Alison Coleman          Corner Brook  22:02

Ryan Joyce      Corner Brook  22:28

Terra Lynn Hynes       Benoit’s Cove  22:35

Phil Joycey      Quebec            22:41

Conrad Bromley          Massey Drive  22:42

Megan Colbourne       Corner Brook  22:44

Hugh Warkentin         Corner Brook  23:02

Darrell Oram   Corner Brook  23:07

Peter Callahan Corner Brook  23:09

Jeff Young      Corner Brook  23:15

Richard Allen  Mt. Moriah      23:22

Brad Lambe     Corner Brook  23:25

Lori St. Croix  Corner Brook  23:31

Danielle Walsh            Corner Brook  23:39

Matthew Young           Corner Brook  23:40

David Vatcher  Corner Brook  23:40

Richard Lamb  Pasadena         23:46

Leah Ash         Corner Brook  23:48

Rosemary Luedee        Corner Brook  23:48

Sarah Pike       Woody Point   23:56

Michael White Corner Brook  24:00

Steven Hynes  Corner Brook  24:08

Sheldon Roberts         Corner Brook  24:08

Emma White   Corner Brook  24:09

Aideen Nelson Massey Drive  24:09

John Davis      Corner Brook  24:16

Gord Doman   Corner Brook  24:28

Maria Churchill           Stephenville     24:32

Mike Kenny    Pasadena         24:32

Tracey Nelson Massey Drive  24:35

Michelle O’Reilly        Massey Drive  24:41

John Milley     Massey Drive  24:43

Matthew Dewling        Wtaskiwin       24:59

Patrick Fewer  Corner Brook  24:59

Monique Bourassa      Quebec            25:02

Jon Burt          St. John’s        25:04

Matthew Burt  St. John’s        25:05

Sarah Keating  Corner Brook  25:07

Nadia Cook     Massey Drive  25:08

Nancy Acreman           Corner Brook  25:17

Finton Gaudette           Corner Brook  25:41

Sarah Blais      Corner Brook  25:41

Jon Chow        Corner Brook  25:42

Olivia Allen     Mt. Moriah      25:42

Tony Anstey    Corner Brook  25:44

Angela Millett  Corner Brook  25:52

Allan Park       Corner Brook  25:56

Todd Curtis     Corner Brook  25:56

Alexandra Young         Corner Brook  25:58

Donald Martin Corner Brook  26:00

Jeremy Eaton   Unlisted           26:01

Jamie Merrigan           Corner Brook  26:11

Alora Blanchard          St. Georges     26:14

Noah Legge     Cow Head       26:23

Cindy Taylor   Corner Brook  26:30

Reginald Parsons        Corner Brook  26:35

Dawn Penney-Green   Massey Drive  26:35

Sheila Seaward            Corner Brook  26:39

Tammy Joyce  Corner Brook  26:40

Nicole Newell  Corner Brook  26:43

Jana Walsh      Corner Brook  26:46

Lorna Payne    Hughes Brook 26:47

Christy Lynch Corner Brook  27:01

Colin Lynch    Corner Brook  27:03

Bill Allan         Corner Brook  27:09

Edmund Walsh           Corner Brook  27:09

Donna Gallant Corner Brook  27:11

Susan Hingston           Norris Point    27:12

Katie Fisher     Corner Brook  27:17

Dianne Noseworthy    Humber Village           27:25

Bonnie Schwartz         Corner Brook  27:27

Joan Gaudette  Corner Brook  27:32

Genny Russell Stephenville     27:33

Rebecca Milley            Massey Drive  27:35

Christine Young          Corner Brook  27:39

Lana King       Corner Brook  27:39

Sara Dunne     Corner Brook  27:41

Edna Curlew    Corner Brook  27:50

Georgette Pike Kippens           27:58

Neil Hynes      Benoit’s Cove  28:20

Janalee Perrett Pasadena         28:23

Renee Fowlow Corner Brook  28:25

Jill Austin        Corner Brook  28:27

Toni Parsons   Corner Brook  28:39

Lisa Keeping   St. Anthony     28:40

Danielle Carey Corner Brook  28:42

Ken Ralph       Corner Brook  28:53

Jennifer Lombard        Corner Brook  28:56

J. Bugden-SigurdssonMount Moriah 28:56

Alison Hackett Benoit’s Cove 28:58

Tara Noseworthy         Corner Brook  28:59

Derek Purchase           Corner Brook  28:59

Sarah Purchase            Corner Brook  29:00

Elizabeth Diamond      Massey Drive  29:01

Tony Parsons  Corner Brook  29:02

Rosalind Dunne          Corner Brook  29:10

Jeannie Young Corner Brook  29:14

Jeff Burt          St. John’s        29:18

Jeremy Simms Corner Brook  29:18

Hannah Connolly        Corner Brook  29:19

Colleen Connors         Corner Brook  29:19

Kayla Northcott           Massey Drive  29:21

Marina Redmond        Corner Brook  29:23

Sherry Legge   Cow Head       29:23

Wendy Sutton Deer Lake        29:24

Sabrina Ellsworth        Corner Brook  29:27

Brianna Fortune          Corner Brook  29:35

Rachael Stewart           Corner Brook  29:36

A. Blanchard-White    St. George’s    29:36

Florence Kelly Corner Brook  29:40

Krista Hynes   Corner Brook  29:47

Sandra Parsons           Corner Brook  29:50

Lindsay Taylor            Massey Drive  29:51

Cecilia Loder   Corner Brook  30:16

Greg Loder      Corner Brook  30:17

Danielle Amirault        Corner Brook  30:19

Jade Kearley    GF-Windsor   30:23

Melanie Connolly        Corner Brook  30:25

Michelle Barker           Corner Brook  30:29

Sarah Pye        Corner Brook  30:37

Brittany Higdon          Corner Brook  30:38

Samantha Greene        Corner Brook  30:38

Mary Burt       Port au Port     30:43

Lori Deeley     Kippens           30:44

Jordan Joyce   Corner Brook  30:46

Trudy Keeping            South Branch  31:10

Trudy Blanchard         St. Georges     31:12

Cindy Andrews           Corner Brook  31:15

Margaret Colbourne    Corner Brook  31:15

Brittany Murphy         Corner Brook  31:18

Richrd White   Corner Brook  31:18

Karen Ryan     Corner Brook  31:21

Erikalynne Nelson       Corner Brook  31:21

Jennifer Wyeth            Pasadena         31:22

Arlene Curtis   Corner Brook  31:24

Denise Dewling           Corner Brook  31:25

Dayna Dewling           Corner Brook  31:25

Angel McCarthy          Corner Brook  31:29

Cheryl Pike     Corner Brook  31:36

Glenys Butt     Mount Moriah 32:00

Clara Ryan      Corner Brook  32:00

Stephen Blackwood     Corner Brook  32:01

Marie-Claude RenaudCorner Brook   32:01

Katie Walton   Pasadena         32:20

Daniel Walton Pasadena         32:21

Perry Compton            Deer Lake        32:23

Leah Whitten   Corner Brook  32:24

Bethany Whelan          Corner Brook  32:24

Danica Allen    Mount Moriah 32:24

Darlene Vatcher           Corner Brook  32:38

Julia Pye          Corner Brook  33:02

Danielle Dewling         Wtaskiwin       33:05

Annalisa Kolbeck        Green Lake      33:06

Veronique Lachance    Corner Brook  33:18

Dominique St-Pierre   Corner Brook  33:18

Shane Ardley   Corner Brook  33:19

Jolene Penney Corner Brook  33:31

Sheena Hillier  Corner Brook  33:37

Janice Tiller     Corner Brook  34:14

Paulette Tiller  Corner Brook  34:14

Peter Glavine   Corner Brook  34:17

Madonna Anne Carey Corner Brook  34:23

Carol Anne Wight       Corner Brook  34:23

Krista Smith    Stephenville     34:38

Jackie Walsh   Corner Brook  34:39

Jessica Couture           Pasadena         34:50

Joe Quigley     Corner Brook  34:57

Kymil Howe   Corner Brook  35:12

Ernest Green   Corner Brook  35:19

Katherine Dennison    Corner Brook  35:42

Krista Ennis    Pasadena         35:45

Tara Robertson            Corner Brook  35:53

Bradley Power Corner Brook  35:59

Joanne Fleet    Steady Brook  36:07

Pauline Hutchinson     Corner Brook  36:26

Danielle Mitchell         Corner Brook  37:11

Pam Keeping   Corner Brook  38:31

Beverly Quinton          Corner Brook  38:55

Dianne Marieann K.    Corner Brook  39:40

Denise Hynes  Corner Brook  39:57

Sarah Power    Corner Brook  40:04

Tammy Ralph  Corner Brook  40:06

Natalie Park     Corner Brook  44:12

Jolene Martin  Corner Brook  46:47

Linda Glavine  Corner Brook  47:26

Debbie Janes   Corner Brook  48:31

Shanda Williams         Corner Brook  48:31

Tera Keeping   Corner Brook  54:46