Pepsi Studio extending to provide a permanent home for Saltos

Diane Crocker
Published on August 21, 2014

The City of Corner Brook has found a solution to provide the Saltos Gymnastics Club with a permanent home that will involve the construction of an extension on the Pepsi Studio.

In a press release issued Wednesday afternoon, the city said the planned extension will enable the city to provide about 8,500 square feet of dedicated floor space to the gymnastics club. The club will also have access to change rooms, washrooms, an office and a lunchroom.

In an interview later, Mayor Charles Pender said the plan is to add a 25 foot by 100 foot extension to the building.

The end wall of the building closest to the Corner Brook Curling Club will be removed, the new 25 foot extension installed and the end wall put back in place.

Saltos will take up the space created by the extension and an additional 60 foot by 100 foot section of the existing building going in the direction of the kitchen. The club will have a private entrance at the new end of the building.

A fully insulated wall will be constructed across the studio at the end of the Saltos space. This wall will keep out the noise from the club, so as not to impact on other events in the studio.

The wall will have doors in it to allow Saltos access to the remainder of the studio should it need it for competitions and other special events.

The mezzanine area overlooking the Saltos area will be fitted with a plexiglass wall for viewing. The wall will also aid in noise reduction and replace the railing in the area that has become an issue for the club.

The remaining space in the studio available to other users will be as large as it is now.

He said the space is big enough for the artificial turf available at the studio and that scheduling issues with the remaining groups, like soccer and volleyball can be worked out.

Pender said the city has also ensured that there’s enough space to accommodate conventions and the Western Regional Hospital Foundation Gala and Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland graduation, two regular events at the centre.

Pender said the whole goal of the project is to see the space in the facility fully utilized.

The project will go out to tender at the end of this month and Pender expects there will be a two- to three-week bidding period and once it comes in council will discuss it right away.

“If it’s within budget, then off we go.”

Pender figures work will start on the outside of the building first and said the city will work with users to ensure there is minimal disruptions to them during the construction.

Saltos will remain in its current location in the studio until the project is completed. The goal is to have it finished by year end.

“It’s not a complicated build, it’s not a complicated extension,” said Pender.

Pender wouldn’t disclose how much money has been budgeted for the project.

He said Saltos won’t contribute to the cost of the construction and will be an “anchor tenant” in the facility paying to lease the space.

Pender did say the money for the project is in addition to $100,000 for cosmetic upgrades to the main Pepsi Centre that was announced last week along with the city’s plan to reassume control of the centre as of Sept. 1.

Meanwhile, Saltos president Denise May was happy that the city has found a solution to its needs.

The club’s move into the studio last January was to be a temporary one as it worked with the city to address its needs after plans for a new building at its former location on Wellington Street fell through.

In a prepared release, she said as a permanent tenant the club will continue to grow programs in a clean, safe and modern training space.