Childs willing to do what it takes to achieve pinnacle of success

Dave Kearsey
Published on July 18, 2014
Brooklyn Childs is see in action during a recent tournament at Fred Basha A Diamond. — Star photo by Geraldine Brophy

Brooklyn Childs enjoys the good times and friendly faces she surrounds herself when she plays sports so she wants to continue pushing herself to see where life takes her.

Childs, a 12-year-old Corner Brook native, is one of the city’s budding female athletes trying to achieve elite status in both baseball and hockey.

It appears she’s on her way.

The daughter of Greg and Kim Childs is a member of the provincial Under-16 bantam girls baseball team and a prospect for the 2014 Newfoundland and Labrador Under-15 female hockey squad.

“I’m willing to work hard to be the best I can be to get where I want to be,” Childs said Wednesday.

A pitcher who also likes to play the hot corner at third base, Childs earned a spot on the provincial baseball team after making a good impression on coach Bob Morgan, who had called her earlier this year to see if he could get her to attend a training camp for team hopefuls.

She made a positive impression as coach Morgan added her to the roster based on her performance at a recent training camp in the capital city.

“It feels awesome ... it is so amazing to realize you’re one of the top players in the province,” she said.

Being on the diamond in a team environment has been a blast for her since she picked the game five years ago after watching her brother Nick embrace the game. She likes all aspects of the game and the camaraderie that comes with sharing a common bond with girls her own age, but she, like others who embrace a sport at a young age, has her defining moments that make it all worth her while.

“It feels good making contact and running around the bases,” she said of spending her summers on the baseball diamond.

She will be in St. John’s this weekend to participate in an invitational tournament with her new teammates to help prepare for the team’s participation in the national U16 female baseball championship later this year.

While she will be trying to keep her arm in good shape and picking up ground balls at Jubilee this summer, she also has to find time to address her desire to be an elite hockey player so she’s been a busy camper.

Her journey to be recognized as one of the top female hockey players will really kick into gear in early August when she attends a tryout camp for the provincial U15 female hockey team.

Although she’s only 12 years old, Childs is confident in her ability and likes her chances. She’s just going to keep working hard and hopes it all pays huge dividends down the road.

She has aspirations of taking both sports to the highest level she can obtain. She knows there are scholarship opportunities available and her love for the game is evident in her believing the possibilities are endless if she puts in the work so she won’t rule out anything great coming her way.

She knows it will require hard work and patience, but she’s just fine with that because she loves overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way. She has visions of pursuing all opportunities that could come her way through college scholarships and she is no different than others with big dreams in that she would love to represent Canada at an Olympics some day.

While sports consumes so much of her time because of her competitiveness, her head appears to be in the right place. She still enjoys the simple things in life like riding her bicycle and going to school with her friends.

No matter what unfolds, she’s having a lot of fun trying to be her best and that’s something she don’t see changing.

“I find sports really fun to play and I enjoy meeting so many new friends so I keep doing it,” she said.