Mariners edge Falcons

Chris Quigley
Published on October 2, 2016

Harry Patterson threw as many interceptions as touchdowns, but the performance was good enough to lift Marine Lounge past the Falcons 15-14 in Corner Brook Coors Light Touch Football League play on Sunday.

Patterson connected with Steve Perry and Steve Huxter on his two touchdown throws. Perry recorded a one-point conversion, while Adam Anderson notched one of the two-point variety in the win.

Sean Greeve and Huxter both had interceptions on defence, while Glen Aucoin had a sack.

Josh Skinner threw touchdowns to Brad Dyke and Ryley Nadon in the loss, with Nadon adding a one-point conversion.

Drew Nadon piled up three sacks, with Dyke managing one. Pearce Penton and Ryley Nadon both had picks.

In other action, Greg Whelan’s three-touchdown effort helped lead the Pirates to a 22-8 triumph over the Broncos.

Mark Gillis came down with two of those touchdown throws, with Jeff Hull securing the other. Steve Gould and Paul George scored on two-point conversions.

Defensively, Phil Oake had a large game with four sacks, while Jeff Mitchell was credited with an interception.

Ryan Barry connected with Jordan Herritt for the Broncos’ lone touchdown. Barry and Don Patey each had a two-point conversion.

Jordan Warren recorded a pick.

Elsewhere, the Golden Gophers kept picking off Raiders quarterback Matt Roache all day — including a pick-six by Alex Forward for the game’s lone points as the Gophers won 6-0.

Michael Tavenor had two interceptions, with Fred Prosper notching the other.

Chris Bulger and Pat Fewer each came down with a pick for the losing side, while Matt Walsh recorded two sacks.