Updated: Group of peewee hockey players stake out golf course to see Sid the Kid

Published on August 5, 2014

Lurking in the woods on a golf course isn’t something Nathan King thought he would be doing.

But, when it comes to an opportunity to meet your hockey idol in person, King was only too glad to break away from the Sunday breakfast table.

King, an 11-year-old peewee player in the Corner Brook minor hockey system, was all smiles after meeting Sidney Crosby of the National Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday at Humber Valley Resort Golf Course.

He was sitting down to breakfast with his parents, Michelle and Duane — just another day in the King household.

That all changed when dad mentioned he had heard from several of his friends that Crosby was in the city for the weekend. His dad had every reason to believe that Crosby would be at the resort enjoying a game of golf with Mark Tobin — a former Corner Brook Royals forward who got married in Corner Brook Saturday night.

Once mom gave the thumbs up to a trip to the resort to see if her son could catch a glimpse of the superstar, Nathan was on the phone calling a few of his buddies to see if they wanted to tag along.

He was able to recruit fellow peewee hockey players Noah Veitch, Bradley Sheppard and Nathan Eveleigh.

Eveleigh’s parents just happen to be living at the resort on a temporary basis, and backyard of their property faces the No. 11 green.

With great anticipation, the boys waited in the trees for a sighting of Sid the Kid.

It was a magical moment for King when Crosby came around the turn in his golf cart on No. 11.

Right before him was his favourite player, who just happens to be the captain of his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins.

For a wide-eyed boy, it was a special moment that he will think about for some time.

“He jumped out of the cart and he said, ‘How’s it going guys?’ and shook all of our hands,” King said.

Seeing the NHL superstar carve up the ice in the best league in the world is one thing, but to actually meet him in person really had him wondering if it was for real.

“It was amazing. It was like my dream come true,” he said. “My favourite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins and he’s my favourite player. Never in a million years would I have thought it would happen, especially in Corner Brook.”

Eveleigh’s family temporarily moved to the resort for the summer  so having an NHL superstar in town couldn’t haven’t happened at a better time.

“Even a Bruins fan has to appreciate this moment,” Eveleigh, son of Tammy and Peter Eveleigh, said of meeting Sid.

He said Crosby was pretty quiet and seemed content to keep the visit short as he made his way along No. 11, but he was really nice and made everybody in the group happy to seek him out.

“Everyone couldn’t help smiling. It was just so amazing to meet him,” he said, noting he is proud to have Crosby’s signature on both his phone case and hat.

He figured the visit with Crosby lasted about seven minutes, but was quick to point out it was time well spent. Oh, and Eveleigh would be just fine if Sid ended up with the Bruins some day.

Bradley Sheppard — son of Corner Brook’s Joe and Sheri Sheppard — is a huge Pens fan. He was pretty pumped to put a trip to Margaret Bowater Park temporarily on hold to seek a peek of Sid when contacted by King.

“It was just awesome. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for me,” he said.