Ryan Avery rises to challenge as Corner Brook Atom Royals nab gold

Published on February 5, 2017

Anthony Hurley of the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts is checked closely by Anthony Molloy of the Deer Lake Red Wings during an A division round-robin game at the Corner Brook Atom A Invitational Hockey Tournament.

©Dave Kearsey

Ryan Avery came up big when his team needed it most.

Avery scored three goals to lead the Corner Brook Royals to a 5-1 victory over the Grand Falls-Windsor Cataracts in the A division gold-medal final Sunday at the Corner Brook Atom A Invitational Hockey Tournament.

Markus Spingle and Nick Grenning also scored for the host Royals at the Corner Brook Civic Centre. Ryan Small was the lone marksman for the Cats.

The Deer Lake Red Wings, 0-3 after round-robin play with a brace of 2-1 losses on their record, claimed bronze with an effort that saw Liam Keefe score the winning goal in overtime in a 2-1 win over the Gander Flyers.

In B Division play, Fisher Dalley had two goals to lead Twillingate to a 5-2 win over Corner Brook in the battle for gold.

Jonas Payne and Gavin Sheppard scored for the host side.

Corner Brook nabbed gold in C division with a 4-2 win over Springdale as Caylen Blake led the charge with a three-goal game. Markus Wells was the other sniper for the host side.

Jack Saunders and Sam Clarke supplied the goals for the Springdale entry.

The following is a look at how things unfolded at the 2017 Corner Brook Atom A Invitational Hockey Tournament held this past weekend in Corner Brook:


A Division


Corner Brook 5, Grand Falls-Windsor 1


Deer Lake Red Wings 2, Gander Flyers 1 (Overtime)

Round-robin scores

Corner Brook Royals 2, Deer Lake Red Wings 1

C: Carter Bromley, Ethan Janes

D: Anthony Molloy

Grand Falls-Windsor 3, Gander Flyers 1

GFW: Ryan Small (2), Kevin Caravan

F: Leo Adams

Gander Flyers 5, Deer Lake Red Wings 0

F: Russell Zachary 2, Leo Adams 3

Corner Brook Royals 4, Grand Falls-Windsor 1

R: Kyle Grenning, Ethan Janes, Ryan Avery, Ryan Lombard

GFW: Ryan Small

Grand Falls-Windsor 2, Deer Lake Red Wings 1

GFW: Ryan Small, Ethan Hynes

R: Matthew Reid

Corner Brook Royals 4, Gander Flyers 3

C: Carter Bromley, Joe Wiseman, Markus Spingle, Ryan Avery

F: Not available at press time


B Division


Twillingate 5, Corner Brook 2


Baie Verte 5, Grand Falls-Windsor 4

Round-robin scores

Grand Falls-Windsor 3, Twillingate 3

GFW: Sam Cooke, Noah Browne, Noah Pelley, Christopher Penton

T: Hunter Brown, Fisher Dalley, Carter Lambert

Corner Brook Royals 1, Baie Verte 1

C: Stephen Bowring

B: Caleb Gavin

Corner Brook Royals 4, Grand Falls-Windsor 2

C: Noah Colbourne, Jonas Payne, James Taylor (2)

GFW: Aaron Walach, Noah Pelley

Twillingate 4, Baie Verte 2

T: Hunter Brown, Sadie Brown, Fisher Dalley, Carter Lambert

B: Evan Davis (2)

Baie Verte 2, Grand Falls-Windsor 1

B: Caleb Gavin, Evan Davis

GFW: Christopher Penton

Twillingate 3, Corner Brook 1

T: Avery Blackler, Katie Baggs, Hunter Brown

C: James Taylor


C Division


Corner Book 4, Springdale 2


Stephenville 5, St. George’s 0

Round-robin scores

Corner Brook Royals 5, Stephenville 0

C: Caylen Blake 3, Patrick Lushman, Markus Wells

Springdale 10, St. George’s 0

S: Olivia Sparkes (2), James Morgan, Kasey Budgell, Jack Saunders (2), Katelyn Morgan, Kaden Tizzard, Sam Clarke, Rylan Andrews

St. George’s 2, Stephenville 0

SG: Taryn Quilty Gillis, Dawson King

Springdale 10, Stephenville 0

S: Olivia Sparkes (3), Jack Saunders (3), Sam Clarke (2), Karissa Adams, Rylan Andrews

Corner Brook 10, St. George’s 0

C: Caylen Blake (5), Nick Austin, Noah Evans (2), Markus Wells, Samuel Antoncich

Springdale 5, Corner Brook Royals 2

S: Jack Saunders (2), Olivia Sparkes (2), Kaden Tizzard

R: Caylen Blake (2)