Andrew Burden leads Rowe boys to perfection on the hardwood

Dave Kearsey
Published on January 26, 2014

CORNER BROOK  Andrew Burden earned player-of- the-game honours with 14 points as the G. C. Rowe Grade 8s defeated the G. C. Rowe Grade 7s 58-45 in the final showdown at the G. C. Rowe Junior High Grade 8 Boys Invitational Basketball Tournament.

Cody Power was a dominant force for the winners with a 23-point peformance in the showdown for gold in the five-team tournament that saw the winners run the table with a perfect 4-0 record in round-robin play.

Juan Carlos drained eight points for the winners.

Cameron Bellows, player of the game for the Rowe 7s, had a 14-point outing, while Colin Hulin and Marcus Hughes added six apiece.

The Rowe Grade 7s, Xavier Junior High of Deer Lake and the Presentation Junior High Panthers finished tied for second spot after round-robin action with indentical 2-2 records, but a tie-breaking formula determined the Rowe 7s would earn a berth in the final.

The run to a perfect weekend for the champions included a 29-28 win over Xavier Junior High in their final game of the round-robin with Andrew Burden  hitting a free throw with just six seconds left in regulation time.

Burden and Juan Carlos had six points apiece for the winners, while Cody Power was the top offensive weapon with a nine-point performance on the hardwood.

Josh Oake and A J. Nichols had eight points apiece for the Deer Lake representative.

The following is a snapshot of how things unfolded in other round-robin games at the Rowe gymnasium over the weekend:

G. C. Rowe 8s, G. C. Rowe 7s

Cody Power was the big gun for the winners with a 16-point outing in the tournament opener, while Juan Carlos added 11 points to the scoring parade.

Cole Porter had seven points to lead the charge for the Rowe 7s, while Thomas Stewart threw in five points.

Xavier Junior High 33, Presentation Junior High 23

Josh Oake (10) and A J Nichols (7) were the top performers for the Deer Lake boys.

Noah Parsons (10) and Tyler Durnford (5) supplied the offensive spark for the Presentation squad.

Xavier Junior High 38, G. C. Rowe Grade 9 Female

Ryan McFarlane (7) and Josh Oake (6) were the offensive stars for the Deer Lake entry.

Cassadie Ball-Stratton (10) and Brittany Marsden (6) replied for the Rowe Grade 9 girls team.

G. C. Rowe 8s 39, Presentation Junior High 30

Cody Power (16) and Andrew Burden (12) proved to be among the top offensive stars of the tournament.

Tyler Durnford (8) and Noah Thomas (6) had strong games in a losing cause.

G. C. Rowe 7s 43, G. C. Rowe Grade 9 Female

Billy Perrott (8) and Thomas Stewart (7) were the top guns on the hardwood for the winners.

Rebecca Myles and Breighle Coles had seven points apiece for the Rowe girls.

G. C. Rowe 8s 64, G. C. Rowe Grade 9 Female

Andrew Burden was the top gun for the winners with a 12-point outing, while Cody Power and Aaron Rideout threw in eight points apiece.

Cassadie Stratton (13) and Courtney Bellows (9) answered for the Rowe girls.

G. C. Rowe 7s 58, Xavier Junior High 43

Thomas Stewart (13) and Marcus Hughes (10) paved the way for the winners.

Jordan Sparkes had a game-high 15 points for the Xavier entry, while A J Nichols shared the limelight with a 14-point performance.

Presentation Junior High 45, G. C. Rowe Grade 9 Female 31

Tyler Durnford (11) and Kyle Park (8) shared the spotlight for the Presentation squad.

Cassadie Stratton poured in 20 points in a losing cause.

Presentation Junior High 35, G. C. Rowe 7s 26

Tyler Durnford (8), Liam Smith (6) and Noah Thomas (6) shared the limelight for the Presentation squad.

Cole Porter had six points to lead all shooters for the Rowe Grade 7 boys basketball team.