Running club for young females formed in city

Dave Kearsey
Published on June 22, 2014

Heather Buckle wants young females to discover the rewards that come from running.

Buckle is one of four health professionals at Health and Performance Centre in Corner Brook who are offering up their time free of charge to form a female summer recreational running club for girls ages 9-12 in the Corner Brook area.

“I just wanted to inspire the love of running because running translates to so many sports,” Buckle said of her desire to see such a group formed.

There are running teams at local schools that athletes can enjoy themselves for a short window of time, but Buckle felt it would be nice to have something available for young females during the summer months when the weather is nice and warm. She has a daughter, nine-year-old Alexandra, who she hopes will enjoy the benefits of competing in an activity that is cheap and accessible to everybody.

“We’re trying to catch them at a young age,” she said.

She has noticed that females in this age group tend to be a little insecure and have their minds pretty well made up on their level of athletic involvement. She believes it’s a shame that too many young girls miss out on an opprtunity to discover something really good for them. She would like to see girls get into running as a means to help them make stay engaged in sports when they reach junior high school where team sports really kicks in gear at the school level.

She believes running could build a solid foundation for pursuit of a sport of any choice because once their cardio level builds up it gives them a boost of confidence they probably wouldn’t have had without taking that first run.

She also said in a day when parents are trying to keep their children engaged in physical activity a cheap venture such as running is certainly a step in the right direction.

The program starts July 2 and runs until the end of August with runs scheduled for Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:15-7 p.m. at a different location each week. Registration forms are available at Health and Performance Centre or parents/guardians can call 632-2266 to register their child.