Sanders enjoys perfect race conditions in ride to the top in Stephenville

Dave Kearsey
Published on July 13, 2014

Aubrey Sanders says Sunday’s victory at the Stephenville Sprint Triathlon came on an absolutely perfect day for the sport.

“There was no wind and the little bit of breeze that came up after only helped to cool you off on the run,” Saunders, the overall winner, said Sunday after crossing the finish line.

“So, when you were on your bicycle it was just whatever you could do. There was no fight involved at all.”

Sanders, in a small field of 14 male and female competitors, won the overall crown with a final clocking of 59 minutes and 18.6 seconds.

The race route started at the Stephenville Aquatic Centre with a 500-metre swim, followed by a 20-kilometre bike loop toward Little Port Harmon and back before winding up with a five- kilometre run.

Having great weather conditons on race day was certainly welcome because Sanders still remembers a much tougher Stephenville triathlon 10 years ago, when high winds wreaked havoc on the event.

“You had to put your head down because the wind was blowing rocks from the beach up and they were hitting your helmet so this was a perfect day,” he said.

Carl Barrett of Corner Brook placed second overall with a final clocking of one hour, two minutes and 4.4 seconds.

Third spot went to Corner Brook’s Tom Knight with a final time of one hour, 11 minutes and 7.4 seconds.

Janice Galliott of Corner Brook, fifth overall with a time of 1:15:32.3, was the fastest female on the course.

Sanders has been around the triathlon game for a number of years, so seeing a small field of participants was disappointing even though he knew a lot of the die-hards were away on family or busness commitments.

He hopes to see more people enticed to give the sport a try.

He says that can be accomplished through the efforts of Carl Barrett and others who have been organizing group swims and runs.

As for his race in the airport town, winning was nice, but he was more eager to talk about the overall experience provided by race organizer Nigel Pike and his cast of volunteers.

He has been particulary impressed with how the races have unfolded in the past couple of years with Pike taking a lead role.

“Oh my gosh, (Pike) does so much and there’s a number of other volunteers there that just make it run so smoothly,” he said.

“There’s no way you’re going to get off course on the run because they’re there at every turn. It’s well marked, it’s a beautiful course and the volunteers are really encouraging.”

For complete race results see today’s Scoreboard on page 14.

For complete race results see below:

1. Aubrey Sanders Corner Brook — 59:18.6

2. Carl Barrett Corner Brook — 1:02:04.4

3. Tom Knight Corner Brook — 1:11:07.4

4. Gord Doman Corner Brook — 1:13:47.6

5. Janice Galliott Corner Brook — 1:15:32.3

6. Joanne Hunt — 1:16:10.8

7. Suzanne Lacour Corner Brook — 1:17.34.

8. Nigel Pike Stephenville — 1:18:36.0

9. Laura Edwards Corner Brook — 1:22:04.4

10. Mervyn Dean Corner Brook — 1:33:39.3

11. Natalie Thomas — 1:36:25.1

12. Sharren Dean Corner Brook — 1:39:18.6

13. Maria Churchill — 1:49:03.9

13. Genny Russell Stephenville — 1:49:03.9