Bodybuilding enthusiast Bingle-Park shows she’s fleet of foot

Dave Kearsey
Published on July 20, 2014
Thomas Sheppard, right, and Lucas Breon grab a cold drink after participating in the children's one-km race at the 2014 ActiveLife Summer Sprint Saturday in Deer Lake.
Photo by Roxanne Ryland

DEER LAKE  Dawn Bingle-Park  took the spotlight in bodybuilding circles with a top-ten finish earlier this month, but Saturday she showed she can scoot along the streets of Deer Lake in quick fashion.

She was the overall winner of the 2014 ActiveLife Summer Sprint with a final clocking of 21 minutes and 14.2 seconds Saturday as the race was held in conjunction with events on the Deer Lake Strawberry Festival weekend schedule.

The event featured a five-kilometre sprint to the finish with 12 participants, while 14 boys and girls from the local area hit the pavement for a non-timed children’s one-km race before the main event.

Ryan George, second overall, was the fastest man on race day with a final time of 22 minutes and 46.6 seconds, while Victoria Gillingham nabbed third spot overall when she crossed the finish line in 26 minutes and 1.2 seconds.

Lorne Reid, creator of the Deer Lake 67 ultramarathon event, ran the race alongside seven-year-old son Aaron — who finished ninth overall in his first 5K race. Aaron crossed the finish line in 43 minutes and 33 seconds, while his dad finished a second behind him.

The following is a look at the final results for the 2014 ActiveLife Summer Sprint 5K Race Saturday in Deer Lake:

1. Dawn Bingle-Park — 21:14.2

2. Ryan George — 22:46.6

3. Victoria Gillingham — 26:01.2

4. Kelly Raike — 26:09.0

5. Nadine Spence — 26:48.1

6. Jordin Burden — 28:02.6

7. Abigail Locke — 28:46.5

8. Heather Bungay — 28:57.1

9. Aaron Reid — 43:33

10. Lorne Reid — 43:34.2

11. Carmelita Morgan — 44:32.2

12. Alicia Anne Morgan — 44:33.8