Steve May makes it four in a row

Dave Kearsey
Published on August 3, 2014

CORNER BROOK   Steve May credits his winning streak to his learning experience on how to prepare for the journey.

May, a Corner Brook native, won his fourth-straight Marble RV Corner Brook Triathlon men’s crown with a final clocking of two hours, three minutes and 13.6 seconds Sunday afternoon in front of about 200 triathlon supporters along the race route.

“You got to learn how to train for it and learn to know what to expect,” May said after the race, noting his training the past two years has been focused on multiple sports with a bike and run the norm most training days.

Going for a run is very different than hitting the pavement for a run after swimming and cycling, May was quick to point out.

“When you get off the bike and start to run hard it feels absolutely terrible and I would think everybody feels that same way, but you got to accept it and realize ‘you know what you’re going run through this’, especially if your trained for it,” he said.

Two big guns in the chase for the crown heading into Sunday’s quest for No. 4, Aubrey Sanders and Carl Barrett, emptied the tank in Sunday’s showdown in an effort to dethrone May.

It wasn’t to be on this day.

Barrett finished second, crossing the finish line in 2:11:12.9, while Sanders nabbed third place with a time of 2:13:23.7.

May thought both guys would be chasing him for the title because they have been working hard to prepare for bigger races down the road.

“So, I spent the whole swim and bike trying to get a little bit of a lead on them so that I’d be running scared on the third section,” he said. “As it happened, I had a really good swim and a really good bike and I had a big gap on the run. So then it became a time goal because I was trying to break 40 minutes on the run, but I don’t think I got there but I was close.”

May admits that part of his motivation every year is to keep his winning streak intact with so many challengers popping up each year.

However, he’s more interested in seeing others embrace the sport like he has to get all the benefits he derives from his participation. Seeing so many young of the city’s youth getting involved is something that makes him smile for sure.

“That’s the most encouraging thing about the whole day is seeing those young people out there and knowing that they got the courage to say ‘you know what I don’t know how this is going to go but I’m going to give it a shot.” May said.

Geordie Summers-Lubar was among the young guns to celebrate success on Sunday.

One more year of studies left to complete at St. Francis Xavier, Summers-Lubar won the men’s title in the short course triathlon with a time of 1:11:30.3.

He felt good about his swim since it was a short distance and he had no issues on the bike portion.

The grind of the run with its hilly sections weren’t so kind to him. He really struggled with the steep incline in the Margaret Bowater Park section of the run course.

“The sun’s baking down on you and you’re going uphill the whole time,” Summers-Lubar said of the run component after the race.

He completed in the full triathlon back in 2010, but admitted he no longer trains like he did a few years back because school has been a priority for him.

He obviously knew what his body was capable of handling.

“I just haven’t been training as much as I used to and I’m not as fit as I once was I suppose,” he said of his choice to a smaller-scaled event.

For complete results from all events from Sunday's triathlon see below:

Triathlon Overall

1. Steve May Corner Brook— 2:03:13.6

2. Carl Barrett Corner Brook — 2:11:12.9

3. Aubrey Sanders Corner Brook — 2:13:23.7

4. Steve Cave Corner Brook — 2:24:27.2

5. Tom Knight Steady Brook — 2:26:56.6

6. Mark Tierney Corner Brook — 2:29:19.5

7. Gord Doman Corner Brook — 2:33:07.7

8. Sue Rodgers Grand Falls-Windsor — 2:33:09.3

9. Peter Callahan Humber Village — 2:36:10.3

10. Bruce Hamlyn Corner Brook — 2:41:40.0

11. Adrienne Thomas St. John’s (Corner Brook native) — 2:42:07.7

12. Kevin Flynn St. John’s — 2:45:53.0

13. Ray Baird Lewin’s Cove (Corner Brook native) — 2:49:15.3

14. Janice Galliott Corner Brook — 2:55:34.5

15. Suzanne Lacour Corner Brook — 2:55:34.5

16. Krista Mackinnon Grand Falls-Windsor — 2:57:36.9

17. Laura Edwards Corner Brook — 3:00:55.2

18. Mervyn Dean Corner Brook — 3:13:31.6

DNF — Russell Downer Park City, Utah

Short Course Triathlon

1. Geordie Summers-Lubar Corner Brook — 1:11:30.3

2. Trent Burden Steady Brook — 1:15:11.5

3. Andre Charlebois Corner Brook — 1:17:09.7

4. Heidi Perry Corner Brook — 1:21:50.6

5. Tara Noseworthy Corner Brook — 1:31:11.9

6. Warren Brake Halifax, N. S. — 1:33:09.8

7. Gillian Bishop London, UK — 1:38:28.3

7. Jody Bishop Halifax, N. S. — 1:38:28.3

9. Jamie Silken Merrigan Corner Brook — 1:39:37.4

10. Lisa LeDrew Corner Brook — 1:41:07.3

11. Rebecca Cole Grand Falls-Windsor — 1:42:18.5

12. Emily Philpott Corner Brook — 1:46:11.8

13. Allison Hamlyn Corner Brook — 1:47:19.2

DNF — James Merrigan Corner Brook

Short Course Duathlon

1. Jamie Fowlow Corner Brook — 1:28:52.1

Team Triathlon Overall

1. The Solutions Corner Brook — 2:00:08.1

2. Team Happenstance Corner Brook — 2:07:05.0

3. JVL Corner Brook — 2:16:32.3

Team Short Course Triathlon Overall

1. Splash Corner Brook — 1:14:28.3

2. The Flash Corner Brook — 1:22:47.6

3. Salt Water Cowboys Corner Brook — 1:23:57.6

4. The Dashers Corner Brook — 1:29:34.4