City man among those celebrating Leicester’s championship run

Dave Kearsey
Published on May 5, 2016

Laurent Girardin has a pretty good idea of how much excitement is in the air in Leicester these days after the biggest upset in Barclay’s Premier League history.

Leicester City Football Club, also known as the Foxes, won the Premier League soccer crown over the weekend after a 1-1 tie against Manchester United on Sunday — plus a 2-2 draw between Tottenham and Chelsea on Monday — sealed the team’s fate.

Girardin has been an avid follower of the Foxes since 2007 when he travelled to Leicester City with his two daughters Erika and Dominique as part of a Corner Brook minor soccer group that went on a training trip organized by former minor soccer coaches Ian Marshall and Chris Hodges.

“Oh my God, they must be gone crazy,” Girardin said Wednesday when asked what he thought the atmosphere was like in Leicester.

Girardin, who also went on a similar trip the following year, will never forget the great soccer atmosphere he witnessed when he went overseas.

He managed to see three games of Premier League play while there and the young players from Corner Brook got to watch the team train so he had a good sense of how people embraced the game.

He witnessed the passion firsthand simply walking down the street after one of the games.

“It was just like a river of blue coming down the street. It was amazing,” he said.

Girardin watched the game against Manchester United and he said he was pretty excited to see his team win the English title for the first time in 132-year history.

He’s just happy he never had to wait as long as some of the die-hards.

He is forging ahead as a supporter of the Blue Army. Chances are there are others who will have a new team to call their own because of the excitement generated by an amazing run.

“At the beginning of the year the odds for Leicester City to win the Premier League was one in five thousand — therefore it’s very exciting,” he said.