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Lab West Steelworkers and IOC back to the table

Cars jam the parking lot of the Labrador City Arena as steelworkers get details of latest offer from IOC
Cars jammed the parking lot of the Labrador City Arena as steelworkers got details of the previous offer from IOC. Now the two groups are back to the table after a new offer. - Photo by Mike Power

Eleventh hour offer from IOC brings Steelworkers Union back to Sept-Iles for further negotiations

The negotiations between United Steelworkers local 5795 and the Iron ore company of Canada have taken a sudden and last minute twist.

Last week the conciliator called both sides back to the table in Sept-Iles, QC. After a day the union walked away, citing concessions being asked by the company would not be entertained. Those concessions dealt with pensions, extended vacations, temporary work force, and more.

Meetings explaining the latest offers were held on Tuesday evening and this morning, workers told their executive they would not accept concessions.

A strike vote was set for Friday (March 23rd).

Late this afternoon  a memo went out to the Steelworkers memo from their President Ron Thomas, who said he strike vote was postponed.

When contacted by the Aurora, Thomas explained

“We we’re contacted by the company and we will be given another offer, so the vote is postponed.”

The steelworkers negotiating team heads back to Sept-Iles tomorrow (Thursday) to get details of the latest offer.

“At this time we have no idea how long we will be in Sept-Iles, how long the talks will go on or when we will be able to present this to our members,” Thomas explained.

That will depend of course on the offer, if the company’s latest move will mean a return to serious talks or mean the union feels it has an offer worthy of presenting to its members.  Thomas said at this point in time “we just have to wait and see what transpires.”

The Aurora is following the story and will bring you the latest developments.


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