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Springdale looking for industrial land

Little Bay Road in Springdale
Little Bay Road in Springdale - Google Earth

Acquiring property along Little Bay Road ideal: mayor

SPRINGDALE, NL — If Springdale is going to continue to grow from an industrial standpoint, it needs to acquire land for development, according to its mayor.

Dave Edison expects the town will need land for future businesses development, especially with the interest in industries such as mining, since the designated industrial area along Little Bay Road is now full.

“We have an industrial area just on the outskirts of town, and that is evaporated now,” he said. “It is all sold and owned, and for the most part, developed.

“If you want to continue to grow in those areas, you have to have industrial land to do so.”

Springdale Mayor Dave Edison
Springdale Mayor Dave Edison

There is more land off Little Bay Road or further out of town that would be ideally suited for expansion of the business district, according to the mayor. The town has to identify whether it is Crown land, privately owned or some combination, and move forward with a hope to acquire or help market the land for such development.

“We will be looking in 2018 to getting something in place for future industrial land,” Edison said.

There is no water and sewer service in that area, but since current developments progressed despite that challenge, the mayor does not see that as a deterrent.

Edison said the town was recently contacted by somebody interested in acquiring such land and believes similar interest will continue.

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