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United Steelworkers president begins 156-km trek to St. John's

Glenn Nolan moments before beginning his trek.
Glenn Nolan moments before beginning his trek.

Wind, heavy rain, and fog did not deter United Steelworker's 9316 president Glenn Nolan, along with two other union members, from setting out on their 156-km trek the North Atlantic refinery in Come by Chance to Confederation Building in St. John's. 

Many came to show their support.

The poor weather conditions also didn't deter those who came out to show their support for Nolan.

A crowd of around 50 gathered at the memorial outside the refinery to see them off.

"The reason for this walk is to bring awareness to the process safety management code of practice,” Nolan said in a video he posted to Facebook Aug. 31.

He says the code of practice has not been followed, as it should.

In the video, Nolan says the union has brought safety concerns to government, but has not been getting the response they desire.

“Government needs to listen,” says Nolan.

The group expects to arrive at Confederation Building at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. 

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