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A peek inside Corner Brook’s dog registry

Ulrica Pye says her almost nine-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever Chayse is a perfect fit for her personality.
Ulrica Pye says her almost nine-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever Chayse is a perfect fit for her personality.

I haven’t started writing this column yet and already it’s has gone to the dogs.

Nicholas Mercer

In my desire to make an impact on the Corner Brook scene, I went looking for an answer to an age-old question.
What is the most popular dog breed in Corner Brook?
Finally solving that old chestnut is what led me to a brief phone conversation with Ulrica Pye about her buddy, Chayse.
An avid hiker, runner and general explorer, Pye is never alone when she ventures outside her door and into the west coast wilderness.
Her almost nine-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever, Chayse, is a constant companion when she hits the trails.
There’s nothing more he likes than a good romp through the woods on a crisp winter’s morning or lazy summer’s day.
On these excursions into the bush, Chayse isn’t confined to a leash and gets free to sniff as much foliage as he desires.
One thing’s for sure, though — he’s never far from his companion. Chayse makes sure to keep an eye on Pye and always checks to make sure she’s close by.
This devotion is one of the reasons Pye went looking for a second Labrador retriever several years ago.
“(Chayse) really fits my personality,” said Pye. “He’s just so energetic and I love to go in the woods to run … and hike. He’s friendly and mild-tempered.”
Chayse and other Labrador retrievers make up a significant number of Corner Brook’s dog database. By its count, there are 211 of that breed in a database provided by the City of Corner Brook.
That’s second only to mutts, who top the list of most popular dog breed, with 254. Now, you can argue mutts aren’t really a breed of dog, but that’s something for another day.
Here’s how we got to this point.
My move to Corner Brook a month ago afforded me the chance to explore some different story avenues. Go off the beaten path if you will.
I was interested to know what the most popular breed of dog was in Corner Brook, so I fired the city off an email and eagerly waited their response.
When the file popped into my inbox, aside from learning mutts and Labrador retrievers topped the list, there were some other interesting tidbits making themselves known.
By the city’s count, there are 1,284 dogs registered. As of the latest census, the population of Corner Brook sits at 19,806.
That works out to one canine companion for every 15 people, which doesn’t include the animals that are not registered.
There are 70 different breeds in their database, which counts among them the usual suspects like various types of shepherds (66), Newfoundland dogs (8) and the aforementioned Labrador retrievers.
Here’s something I bet you didn’t know: there is at least one of the eskipoo breed living in Corner Brook.
A real thing? A quick Google search tells me they do exist, although I’m still not convinced.
Let’s move on to other interesting breeds in Corner Brook.
Other lonely breeds are the Chinese-crested powder puff, dalmatian (hanging out in a fire house, surely), a daniff (the ungodly mix of a mastiff and Great Dane), a great pyreness, a chow chow, Rhodesian ridgeback and a Scottish terrier, among others.
By the way, that list reads more like a casting call for the sequel to “Homeward Bound” or a checklist for “All Dogs Go To Heaven.”
Now, there is a chance this is an incomplete database. That’s to be expected in a city where people come and go and, as such, their pets go with them. They get added, dropped and moved around.
Still, more than 1,200 animals is a lot of anything.
I think it’s safe to say Corner Brook is gone to the dogs.

For a look at the complete Corner Brook database, click here

Nicholas Mercer is the online editor at The Western Star. His first dog was a black Labrador retriever, so he can understand why they’re a popular breed. He lives in Corner Brook and can be reached at

Top-5 dog breeds in Corner Brook:

Chayse, a chocolate Labrador retriever, has a healthy love for the outdoors.

1) mutts — 254
2) Labrador retrievers & mix — 211
3) husky & mix — 91
4) shepherd & mix — 66
5) shih tzu & mix — 65
Others that might surprise is the number of Norwegian elkhounds (3), pit bulls (17), Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers (6), huskies (92), Rottweilers (11), cavalier King Charles spaniels (48) and English water dogs (5).

The Rhodeisan ridgeback is a rare breed of dog in Corner Brook. According to the city, just one animal is owned by a registered.

Only the rarest (breeds with one representative) need apply:
• Chinese crested powder puff
• Rhodesian ridgeback
• dalmation
• daniff
• chow chow
• eskipoo
• great pyrenees
• Pekingese
• Scottish terrier
• weimaraner
• schnauzer
• peekapoo
• silky terrier
• Pomeranian
• shorkie

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