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Being generally offended and having fun doing it

Stacy Simms (left) and Dan Maloney make up the west coast’s YouTube personalities on Generally Offended.
Stacy Simms (left) and Dan Maloney make up the west coast’s YouTube personalities on Generally Offended. - Nicholas Mercer

Inspiration and ideas come from strange places sometimes.

Be it in the shower, at the gym or cruising through the isles of your local Dollarama for cheap cookies, the creative synapses in your brain can fire at any time.


For one half of Corner Brooks Internet personalities Generally Offended, that inspiration came after making the drive between Port aux Basques and the west coast city in consecutive days.

Dan Maloney was slighted by the state of portion of the Trans-Canada Highway that greets visitors to this province each time the ferry docks from Nova Scotia.

By the time, he got back to Corner Brook he was so annoyed by the state of the highway that Maloney felt the need to make a video about it.

He quickly called up Stacy Simms — his Generally Offended partner — and pitched a video that took them to Port aux Basques and back.

What came was a public service announcement disguised as a road trip in an attempt to help people understand that state of the roads.

It was just one of 70 videos the pair have done since deciding to start their Internet careers in March. In that time, theyve gone to the movies, played some video games, discussed the theatre of professional wrestling and reviewed some loot.

All the while having fun and cracking some jokes.

Theyve even uploaded a video of Simms trying his hand at stand-up comedy at a local establishment a couple of months back.

Truthfully, they sound like my kind of people. Especially, the fact they discuss pro wrestling.

Im a wrestling fan. I have been since the days of Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior and when Sgt. Slaughter became an Iraqi sympathizer.

I was amazed by the larger-than-life figures that populated this world. I remember my grandfather marveling at Andre The Giant throwing grown men around like they were children and cheering when Jake Roberts pinned someone after his finish manoeuvre.

In the 90s, I left that world for a couple of years when I thought it was beneath me, but found it again and Im glad I did.

I can hear the criticism already. Yes, I know its not real. I dont care.

Moving on from that, pro wrestling is fun when you let yourself enjoy it.   

Alright, were back to Generally Offended.

Generally Offendeds latest video is fit for the season. Its a Christmas video with all the trimmings. There are sing-alongs, special guests and it gets you in the spirit of the season.

That is everything you want from a Christmas special.

It is also serves as a preview for where the pair want to take themselves moving forward.

Wed like to do more original stuff and were hoping to put together some more tourism videos as well, said Maloney.

The pair met while performing with a local theatre company and hit it off right away. They hold similar tastes, which makes it easy to bounce ideas off of each other.

Simms has a background in production and theyve sunk some of their own money into equipment and various video ideas.

I went out and bought a good camera only to find out my cellphone is just as good as that, noted Simms.

Generally, the creative process is an organic one for the boys. One comes up with an idea and they discuss it until it becomes reality.

Theyre backgrounds mesh and create a smooth watch for any interested party. Like a good buddy comedy, theres banter and an easy going vibe about them.

The started out wanting to do something different with their videos and theyve achieved that.

There are review shows for everything you can think off. One guy even reviews wrestling shows in a hot tub.

However, a west coast based sketch show is something new and different.

If youre interested in checking out what the lads are up too, check them out on Facebook or via Simms YouTube channel.

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