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Best of the west: Camron Farrell

Camron Farrell
Camron Farrell - Gary Shaw

Meet Camron Farrell. He is one of our exceptional young people who quietly have done so much in his contributions to the Labrador West community.

Camron is a 17-year-old young man who lives in Labrador City with his Mom and Dad, Ronda and Rodney Farrell. Camron is in Grade 12 at Menihek High School. He likes school and this is clearly demonstrated by an overall average of 89 per cent so far this year.

He has plans to pursue his post-secondary education in education itself. He wants to graduate with a teaching degree and become an English teacher. There appears to be little doubt, armed with his academic skills and his personal drive, that he will achieve this dream.

Camron is clearly driven in his constant efforts of involvement in important initiatives within our community. He is one year into sitting on the Labrador West Youth Council, giving his time and insight to this organization.

He sits on a committee at school that organizes pep rallies, dances and bake sales that are all positive contributors to the positive initiatives at his school.

Camron has also been a part of the cadet organization, winning numerous awards for his efforts and contributions to their efforts. He also has a part-time job at our local IGA Store after school hours through the week and on weekends.

All of these efforts that Camron has contributed, standing on its own, represents many great achievements from a very driven young man.

This is where “ the rest of the story” on Camron’s life shows us what life’s challenges has handed him and how he has managed it. He has been a solid as a rock volunteer for the Relay for Life for a number of years.

He has been a constant supporter of the Children’s Wish Foundation and has so far raised over $10,000 dollars with $5,000 going to the Candle Lighter Association, which provides camp experiences for kids and their siblings.

Carmon quietly works away at these important causes with a very personal understanding of what he is doing and how important it is. He does all of this with 100 per cent support from his Mom and Dad.

Camron was diagnosed with leukemia when he was six years old. At such a young age he and his family rolled up their sleeves and engaged in a battle that Camron’s very life depended on.

After three-and-a-half years of chemotherapy, all of the doctor’s appointments and all of the uncertainty, Camron got the answer that he, his family and our community at large had been praying for. Camron was cancer free and has been for the last 10 years. This has been an incredible battle against a very unforgiving foe. Camron beat the odds.

Camron is a smart and articulate young man and described his journey with leukemia with a vision of thanks and appreciation to everyone who was at his side during such a long journey. He acknowledged the steadfast journey that his family travelled with him every step of the way. He also acknowledged the medical teams that were with him with 100 per cent commitment to making him well.

Camron indicated that he couldn’t play in many of the sports activities that his friends were engaged in at school. His legs didn’t have the strength required for some of the more rigorous activities. He wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and watch. Camron became the first boy to join the school’s cheerleading team. He simply found a way to contribute as a team player; he found a way to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

With the attitude Camron has, you can be sure that his contributions to our community will only continue to grow, his positive view of things will be a driving force in all of the successes that will undoubtedly come his way.  

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