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Corner Brook Christmas parade will follow Lewin Parkway traffic detour

Santa Claus greets the hundreds of people who came out to see him at the annual Corner Brook Santa Claus Parade Saturday evening.
Santa Claus greets people at the 2017 Corner Brook Santa Claus Parade.

Driving between the eastern and western sides of Corner Brook early Saturday evening may require some strategy for those wishing to avoid being held up in traffic.

That’s because, with the Main Street bridge still under construction, the annual Corner Brook Kinsmen Club Santa Claus Parade, is going to be re-routed out Mill Road and onto the Lewin Parkway.

Mike Hoffe, one of the parade organizers with the Kinsmen Club, said the parade will exit the Lewin Parkway at the Millbrook Mall and head towards Herald Avenue to resume the usual route it follows to Broadway and back towards Mount Bernard Avenue.

Hoffe is urging people not to congregate in the Lewin Parkway area to view the parade.

“We’re asking people not to be out that way because we’re hoping to get everything through there as quickly as we can,” he said. “We shouldn’t be on the Lewin Parkway that long, so traffic should not be held up there for too long either.”

He expects that O’Connell Drive via West Valley Road — the route the earlier stage of the parade follows — will be opened up again by the time the parade hits the Lewin Parkway.

The Kinsmen Club is urging all parade watchers to safely enjoy the vent, especially in light of last week’s tragedy in Nova Scotia where a young girl died in a parade accident.

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