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Croque celebrates school reunion

Over 300 show up to remember school years from 1959 to 2009

Croque residents, current and former, got together to reminisce and celebrate their school days from years gone by.

From Aug. 3-5, the town hosted a reunion for the 300 students and 70 teachers who attended and worked at the Croque school from 1959 to 2009.

Event organizer Elizabeth Kearney says about 150 adults were registered for the three-day event with 30 to 40 children and young adults.

Kearney says people travelled from all over the island, Ontario, Alberta British Columbia and elsewhere to attend the reunion.

The first school in Croque was a one-room building, opened in 1959. It closed in 1977 with the opening of a Kindergarten to Grade 12 building, St. Joseph’s All-Grade.

In 1982, students from Grandois started attending that school.

It closed in 2009.

Since then, students travel to Main Brook for their education.

Wilfred Bromley, the school’s last principal, gave a speech during the opening of the reunion; while former teacher Paul Quigley paid tribute to the students and Helen Clarke, former student, paid tribute to the teachers.

A memorial table paid tribute to 14 teachers and students who have passed away since 2009.

Elizabeth Kearney also paid tribute to the late Debbie Kearney, who she says showed a great passion for teaching in her 30 years working at the school.

There was food served, games, music, dancing and lots of reminiscing over old pictures and sharing of old stories throughout the week.

“We had a grand old time,” said Kearney.

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