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Gingerbread house competition raises money for Labrador West cancer patients

A group of Labrador West residents who make efforts to raise funds to assist local cancer survivors came up with a new idea this year.

The three, Thelma Ricketts, Nadine Hillier-Stroud and Karla Morrissey decided to host a gingerbread house competition.

Ricketts told The Aurora people paid a $20 fee to enter and the gingerbread houses were on display Dec. 8 at the Labrador Mall.

Each entry had a box where the public could vote for their favourite. As well the display had to be completely edible.

The public could buy votes for $1 each and then place them in the boxes of the gingerbread house they liked best. Many people bought a number of votes and shared them between some of the sweet creations.

And what was in it for the winners?

“Bragging rights, and their name on a plaque that is to be displayed at the Labrador Mall,” Morrissey told The Aurora.

Despite being called a gingerbread house competition, some of the entries consisted of more than one building.

By the end of the day the votes were counted. The winner of the first place prize was for Wyatt’s Village, entered by his mom, Brittany Newhook.

“It was a lot of fun, and a way to get together. We took our time and had a little help from friends and family,” she said.

Hunter Dawe took second in the competition.

“I enjoyed assembling my gingerbread house, and then decorating it. It was fun and I had a little help too,” he explained.

Third prize went to Amanda Payne and Nikita Ellsworth, who both work at the Labrador Health Centre, and their gingerbread health centre reflected that, right down to the ambulance.

At the end of the day $569 was raised to support local cancer patients.

“Were happy with that and that we can assist local cancer patients,” Ricketts said. “We hope more people will join in next year. The event is open to all businesses, organizations, schools and individuals so we hope people will challenge each other to join in.”

The organizers say they are grateful to the people who entered, and to the mall manager and staff who assisted.

“This was the first time trying this type of event,” Nadine Hillier-Stroud said, “but we want to make it an annual event. . . lots of people were interested in the event once they saw how it worked.”

If you are a budding gingerbread house maker, you have lots of time to get ready as next years date has been chosen. The competition will be held Nov. 30, 2019.

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