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Lewisporte musician sums up blizzard gripes in social media hit

The tune is catchy and the lyrics put the recent snowstorm woes in a nutshell.

“I really hate snow,” is a song written and performed by Austin Thomson of Lewisporte.

Austin spoke with TC Media about his Facebook live performance of the song that had garnered over 400,000 views online in little more than a day.

“Two days ago (Sunday) I was kind of goofing around on my guitar and the tune popped in my head,” Austin said.

The 14-year-old, who isn’t much of a winter fan, decided to write a song about the snow. His father, Dave, who is also a singer/songwriter, thought it was a pretty catchy tune and pitched an idea to Austin to perform it outside in the snow and put it on Facebook.

“Dad was whistling the song and we wanted to have some fun with it,” Austin said. “But I never thought so many people would watch it.”

He said maybe when spring finally does arrive he’ll write another song and go live on Facebook again.

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