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Lion’s Roar – March 10

Students in Mrs. Bishop's grade three class made dioramas of landforms and bodies of water for social studies. Students: Alister MacDonnell, Lily Smallwood, Oscar George and Benjamin Griffin.
Students in Mrs. Bishop's grade three class made dioramas of landforms and bodies of water for social studies. Students: Alister MacDonnell, Lily Smallwood, Oscar George and Benjamin Griffin.

This has been a busy and exciting week at Immaculate Heart of Mary School

Today we are hosting the Kids Eat Smart Rooting for Health Event in our school. For this event all students will take part in activities in the gym about our health and will be treated to a special breakfast prepared by two chefs. We welcome representatives from the Kids Eat Smart Program, the Department of Agriculture and the Premier, Mr. Dwight Ball, to our school. In addition, this afternoon we will recognize our students’ achievements from Term 1 of the school year with our annual midterm assembly.

On Monday evening members from Mrs. Kane’s grade two English class attended a City Council meeting at City Hall to discuss their proposal of banning plastic shopping bags in the city. Class representatives included: Noah Conté, Liam Gaulton, Mark Janes, Danyael Jacobs, Katie McGinn, Hala Parsons, and Ryder Walsh. The students also appeared on the NTV evening news!

Students planning to travel to St. Pierre in May hosted a very successful baked goods sale on Wednesday at recess and lunch. The group raised over $200 for their trip.

The grade five and six class is entering the third and final phase of their STEM Project. They have completed the section on simple machines, as well as the section on connections. They particularly enjoyed building a functional dog bot! The final phase is problem solving, which is entirely student directed, and draws on the previous two units to help overcome a given challenge.

This week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week at Immaculate Heart of Mary School.  The teachers and staff would like to thank our students and families for their generous gifts and messages throughout the week!

We would like to congratulate the school winners in the Healthy Relations Poster Contest. The winner in grade three was Jake Morey, the winner in grade four was Kate Murphy, and the winner in grade five and six was Max Pittman. All students received a special participation prize and the overall winner received a special family prize.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Israela Ngnania who received gold medals in form, sparring, and for overall performance at the Tae Kwon Do Tournament last weekend.

Congratulations to Mark Janes who received a certificate for Awesome Flying Side Kick in Tae Kwon Do this week. Mark Janes also received a bronze medal in sparring and a silver medal in form this past weekend at a Tae Kwon Do Tournament.

Congratulations to Madeline Murphy who received a certificate for Awesome Round House Kick in Tae Kwon Do this week.

Congratulations to Leah Lainey who won first place for girls aged 9 in the Knights of Columbus Annual Free Throw Competition last week.

Class News

The junior kindergarten classes are learning about Arctic animals and hibernation. They would like to welcome Mrs. Brittany Fudge (Randell) back from maternity leave this week.

Mrs. Hodder’s Kindergarten English class is learning about the walrus in science and the letter “v” in language. They are excited about the rooting for health breakfast today!

Mme. Baugé’s Kindergarten French Immersion class is moving ahead with their MindUp Program and had a lot to share when they read “How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?”.  Their interaction in French increases each day and the children have fun with lots of new words!

Mrs. George’s grade one English class has been doing St. Patrick’s Day writing this week. They are graphing in math class. They are very excited that they will be meeting the Premier today and enjoying breakfast by two amazing chefs!

Mme. Ryan’s grade one French Immersion class is excited to be taking part in the rooting for health breakfast today.

Ms. Kane’s grade two English class was very excited to visit the Corner Brook City Hall this week to discuss their proposal to ban plastic bags in the city. The students met with the mayor, city councillors and members of the media to share their ideas.

Mme. Howlett’s grade two French Immersion class is learning new March vocabulary in French and doing activities surrounding the St. Patrick’s Day theme.  In science they have started a unit on air and water. They are learning about shapes and how to describe them in math.

Mme. Moss’ grade three, four, five and six French Immersion class is continuing their unit on Poetry. The grade three and four’s are learning about abstract and descriptive poetry, using similes and metaphors, and are preparing to write more poetry of their own. The grade five and sixes are applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to create a “BloomBall” for part of their independent novel study.

Mrs. Bishop’s grade three class has started their unit on measurement in math. They are timing some 100 m dashes to display how they can measure different things with time. They have completed their landforms and bodies of water dioramas for social studies. They are very three dimensional and creative.

Mrs. Passmoor’s grade four class has started a new chapter in math. They have set a goal that when they reach page 350 in their math books they will get a special class reward! Stay tuned.

Mrs. McCarthy’s grade five and six class is very excited about the Kids Eat Smart Rooting for Health Event going on at our school today! They are looking forward to the special breakfast and meeting the Premier. The grade five students are writing cause and effect reports in language arts. The grade six students are writing persuasive book reviews to share with others.

Mr. Drew Nadon’s junior high to level three class has been having fun helping to prepare and organize fundraisers for the St. Pierre trip. The students had a successful event at the National Geosciences and Engineering Month Bridge Building Competition at the Corner Brook Plaza on Saturday. The students are looking forward to the drama festival and the Let’s Talk Science Challenge.

Grade six students present the model they built as part of their STEMP Project with Mme. Moss and Mr. Ryley Nadon. Students are: Marcus Gallant, Mohamed Al-Zubaidy, Max Pittman and Jaccob Bursey.
Grade nine students Anna MacKenzie, Madison Noel and Cameron Peddle, with their bridge for the National Geosciences and Engineer Month Bridge Building Competition on Saturday. Their bridge held 79.7 kg.

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