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Meadows couple has an oxygen concentrator they want to give away

Harley Anderson has a portable oxygen concentrator that he wants to find a new home for.  

The Meadows man said the Phillips Respironics SimplyGo he and his wife Sarah (Susie), purchased three and a half years ago is just sitting there not being used.
“I’d like for someone to have it who it really can be of some benefit to them,” said Harley.
Susie, 83, has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and originally the couple rented an oxygen concentrator.
Thinking she’d get a few years use out of one the couple decided to purchase one at a cost of $4,200. The machine offers both continuous flow and pulse-dose oxygen delivery and comes with a carrying case, trolley, and two batteries. It can be used in a vehicle by plugging it into a DC outlet.
They used it a lot while travelling. There were trips to St. John’s and Port aux Basques, but beyond that the concentrator gave Susie the freedom to go to church and out for meals.
Unfortunately, she only got a year out of it before her COPD worsened.
Harley said the concentrator can’t provide Susie with the level of oxygen that she needs.
He tried to sell the machine, but the cost was prohibitive for many people.
“Most people out there that’s on stuff like that you’ll find they don’t have the financial means really,” said Harley, 82.
That’s why he’d like to give it away.
“I’d love to know that it’s out there doing someone some good.”
Harley can be contacted by calling 638-2129 or by email at

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