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Poem written about Phil Dooley from local Gander resident

Well-known Gander citizen Phillip "Phil" Dooley died on Feb. 7, two months shy of his 65th birthday.
Well-known Gander citizen Phillip

Phil’s Legacy

My strongest memories are of shopping carts
You used to push them back to their rightful place.
Everyone knew you, even back then
As a child I remember your friendly, smiling face.

Folks often heard you before they saw you
Your voice familiar to so many.
You looked for jobs and earned your keep
Working hard and saving every penny.

I remember seeing you on a pedal bike
and a motorbike sometimes too.
Pulling a lawn mower – on a mission
You always had something to do.

Speaking to everyone you passed by
Always a word or two to say.
Something about the weather for sure
or simply "What are you doin' today?"

It's hard to know what to say
to those now left behind.
There's no comfort for aching hearts
Or cure for grieving minds.

In this town known for compassion and love
You exemplified it and so much more.
Phil, you were such a special man
Who we all, in the purest form, adored.

There was no one like you my friend,
And a piece of us all died with you.
Yours was a spirit in true humanity
A heart of gold through and through.

As you rest in peace in the arms of angels
We will honour your life and your legacy.
Thank you for teaching us how to live
With grace, acceptance and genuine humility.

Lisa Butler


Phil Dooley - A big man with a big smile

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