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Snow angels fall short of record

The 413 snow angel makers had fun Saturday at Ski Wentworth but fell short of the record.
The 413 snow angel makers had fun Saturday at Ski Wentworth but fell short of the record.

WENTWORTH, N.S. – The stars didn’t align for a new snow angel world record Saturday at Ski Wentworth.

“Unfortunately the world record was not broken,” said Lelsie Wilson, general manager at Ski Wentworth.

The final cross-Canada tally was 7,085, less than half the world record of 15,851.

Participants spent one minute flapping their arms and legs. Some of the toddlers didn't go the entire minute.

Although numbers across Canada fell short of the record, numbers at Ski Wentworth were up from last season’s world record attempt.

“We had 413 people participate, which is 100 more than last year,” said Wilson.

Unfortunately, numbers were down from last year’s attempt at many of the approximately 100 ski areas across Canada that participated in the 2017 event.

“Numbers were down out West due to weather conditions such as big snow days and extreme cold,” said Wilson.

A volunteers painted a logo with Canada's 150th anniversary into the snow.

Wilson said the conditions were perfect on Saturday at Ski Wentworth.

“I thank everybody who came out for the attempt,” said Wilson. “If we do it again next year hopefully we will break the record.”

This toddler sat between his father's legs during the world record attempt.

The world record is 15,851 snow angels, which was set by staff and students at 60 schools in Ontario on Feb 2, 2004.

Saturday's event celebrated Canada’s 150th anniversary and also coincided with Canadian Ski Patrol Day, which recognizes the 4,700 volunteers across Canada who provide first aid and rescue services at more than 220 ski areas across Canada.

Snowboarders and skiers enjoyed the great conditions on Saturday.
Snow making machines were going at full throttle Saturday at Ski Wentworth.

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